Environmental protection non-stop


The fact that success requires perseverance isn’t just a principle that applies to sport but also to the complex issue of environmental protection. Although Wilkhahn has been one of the pioneers in this field for decades, we have set ourselves new goals in the form of our 2017 sustainability programme of action. After two years of hard work, we can now show measurable improvements in climate protection, energy and material efficiency, and employee health. Examples include new heat exchangers, the installation of energy-efficient lighting or the switch to reusable packaging systems for delivering parts. The 2019 environmental statement is available online now and offers an overview of all the steps taken and their benefits. In view of the current debate on climate protection, we’re particularly pleased that we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint by a further 25% since 2013.

Wilkhahn office furniture is consistently well designed, made to superior standards of quality and sustainable at the same time. Components are so easy to disassemble that replacing expendable parts is environmentally friendly and cost efficient to give products longer lives. The example shows the components belonging to IN, which is currently considered to be the most dynamic office chair for healthy, dynamic sitting. Photos: Wilkhahn

Environmental protection is firmly anchored in Wilkhahn’s corporate philosophy. Some 30 years ago, the advisory board had already decided that “if in doubt, ecological considerations were to take priority over making quick profits”. In the following years, the company became an award-winning pioneer for more sustainability in industry. Nevertheless, we were absolutely delighted that last August we were one of the first companies to be given an accolade by Lower Saxony’s Alliance for Sustainability for our commitment to employees and environmental protection. We believe the award confirms that we’re on the right track and it motivates us to continue down this path. But why not read all about it yourself?

You can find our updated 2019 environmental statement as a PDF here to download.

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