An understated look

29.09.2017 | by Wilkhahn Deutschland
CPAM’s newly designed conference room in Amiens with Wilkhahn’s ON cantilever chairs, photo: Javier Callejas, Sevilla

Brass, oak, synthetic resin and ON – this conference table makes quite a statement. Designed by architects Christophe and Jesse Le moal from Paris (of lemoal&lemoal architectes), the table lies at the heart of the large, newly designed conference room belonging to CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie), a health insurance company in Amiens in the Somme region of northern France. The town is located about an hour’s drive away from Paris. The CPAM building itself is a typical concrete edifice from the 1960s and the new conference room benefits from a large existing patio and a panoramic view of the surrounding urban landscape.
The architects paid close attention to the acoustics and in particular to the design of the ceiling’s underside. It follows an analysis of the sounds produced from the way the conference room is used. The ceiling was especially sculpted in order to control the distribution and absorption of sound in the best possible way. At the same time, it lends the generous-sized room a refreshing touch.
The conference room offers space for 50 people at a total of three tables: the long oval table in the middle and two tables at the sides that continue the oval shape. Each seat has a microphone system and an electric control panel. The tables’ surfaces are made of white synthetic resin that underscores the seamless appearance of the table tops. The centre table is supported by a “backbone” made of solid oak that penetrates the resin surface in the middle, but is cladded with gleaming matt brass plates underneath the table top.
lemoal&lemoal architectes chose Wilkhahn’s ON cantilever chair as the seating “because of its comfort and understated aesthetic that underpins the spirit of the project”.


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