Ready for action around the clock

Photo: Brand Controlling Rooms

Sedentary workspaces used around the clock in shifts place especially high demands on people and materials. In particular, jobs in control centres and CCTV rooms require exceptional focus at all times. On the one hand, people need hard-wearing office chairs and on the other, to adopt a wide range of motion to stop themselves from getting tired and maintain their powers of concentration. And because these workspaces are always used by several people, seat adjustment options need to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

ON’s three-dimensional flexibility stimulates muscles and joints and has been proven to increase powers of concentration – which is vital in control centres and CCTV spaces. Graphic: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn is offering special ON and IN office chair models to allow users to enjoy the healthy benefits of the patented free-to-move kinematics to the full, even when the furniture is used for 24 hours. The energizing range of motion offered, the ease with which they can be adjusted and their aesthetic appeal set them apart from other 24-hour chairs.

As the athletic and dynamic one, IN’s design indicates healthy sitting at first glance. Photos: Wilkhahn

Because the two office chair ranges are designed for exceptional durability and to cope with lots of use anyway, just a few of the details of the two 24-hour models have been modified compared with the standard versions. Therefore, the multi-award-winning design is unchanged and the chairs harmonize perfectly with the design concept of the other workspaces.


The new 24-hour brochure to download.

The slender shape of stylish ON also ensures a strong aesthetic in 24-hour workspaces. Photo: Brand Controlling Rooms

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