On tour through Europe with Wilkhahn’s Stand-up

23.05.2017 | by Wilkhahn Germany
Off they go! Lisa and Jonas shortly before their big European tour.

After high school it’s time for university. But Lisa and Jonas from the Düsseldorf area had a bad case of wanderlust to cure first. So they fulfilled a dream they had already had during school. “After a spell in New Zealand four years ago, I realised I wanted to head back abroad after school had finished and discover new cultures,” explains Lisa. Europe was the first choice after lots of friends had picked typical pre-university destinations like Asia or Australia. “Exploring neighbouring European countries seemed all the more attractive.” Once Lisa’s boyfriend had also been persuaded, they set off at the beginning of May. First of all they went to Belgium and on to France, Spain and Portugal afterwards. More countries in southern, central and northern Europe are to follow. The two of them don’t need to be back home until mid-August – if their money lasts until then.

A firm grip on the Atomium: Lisa with Stand-up in Brussels.

So what does that all have to do with Wilkhahn? A lot, because both of them have an unusual piece of luggage with them: Stand-up. And they take photos wherever possible of this hip stool in its distinctive blue in front of places of interest. This fun idea came through Lisa’s ties to office furniture company Dyckers & Friends who provided the Stand-up. So they wobble, jiggle and spin around on the stool in front of the Atomium in Brussels, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Lisbon’s old town. “We think Stand-up’s really cool. It doesn’t weigh much, has storage space like a backpack and is a real eye-catcher,” comments Lisa. You can find out where else Stand-up got to here in the blog or on www.facebook.com/Wilkhahn

Everything about Stand-up: Wilkhahn

In the foreground: Jonas on the hip stool. In the background: Lisbon’s old town.

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