The anywhere office

Photo: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

The corona lockdown proved how easy remote working from home was. However, at the same time, creating a team spirit, collaborating and engaging in informal styles of communication were harder. Although people are using offices more frequently and complying with the relevant hygiene regulations and social distancing policies, it’s unlikely that offices will be at full capacity in future. Therefore, in addition to versatile furnishing concepts, agile workplace solutions that adapt to different job roles and levels of occupancy are a must.

Allows people to work without distractions. The Fold-up Workspace acts like a screen, providing privacy and indicating to others that peace and quiet are required. Photo: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

Wilkhahn’s Fold-up Workspace is a solution that fulfills these requirements in an exceptionally practical manner. Just like a portable box, it can be set up anywhere and turned into a workspace for someone in an instant. In conference rooms, lobbies, cafés or at home, it offers a quieter and more private place to concentrate on the job at hand.

The small Smart model can be tilted forward by 90° and used as an add-on to the desk or table top to allow people to work while standing up. Photos: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

What’s more, it can be used indoors or outdoors because the Fold-up Workspace has a panel at the back, sides and the top to stop glare on screens. As a result, working on a computer or taking part in video conferences is even possible in bright sunlight while sitting on a patio.

Sections of a conference room, lobby or café can be transformed into a workspace for one in no time. Photo: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

The self-supporting acoustic fleece cuts noise from phone calls and video conferences and is pinnable so that notes can be put on it. An adaptor can be connected to it via a cable outlet in the rear panel. And standard clip-on lights and laptop holders can also be attached to enable perfect lighting and camera heights during video conferences.

The Fold-up Workspace can be set up anywhere, folded up again and hung up in a closet or on coat rack in seconds. Photos: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

All of these features make the Fold-up Workspace an ingeniously simple response to the current fast-paced changes in office environments. This instant office allows clever employers to turn areas that are already available (but often hardly used due to the pandemic) into workspaces. What’s more, they can make it much easier for people to focus on what they’re doing and feel safe – wherever they happen to be.

The Fold-up Workspace comes in two sizes as Smart and Comfort versions and includes the carry case. It’s available from Wilkhahn dealers or online at:


Click here for more information on the Fold-up Workspace.

The Fold-up Workspace can turn a space outdoors into a temporary place to work in no time. Design: Wilkhahn, photo: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski
In addition to the laptop, there’s also enough room for an external screen in the large Comfort model. Photo: Wilkhahn / Frank Schinski

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