Change needs persistence

25.09.2017 | by Wilkhahn Deutschland

It’s particularly when profound changes in businesses occur that it’s the small steps that count, just as they do in real life. And stamina. Would you run a marathon without doing any training beforehand? Surely a bad idea. Long-term success is based on perseverance, starting each day afresh and if possible always accomplishing that little bit more. At Wilkhahn we’ve been in training for ecological responsibility for over 25 years. And even if we’ve won lots of accolades for it, fairness towards people and the environment isn’t a trophy that we’d hang over the sofa (or in our case more appropriately over an office task chair), but a value that we have to recreate each and every day. We do this primarily by producing attractive furniture made of high-quality materials, but also by cutting energy consumption in the plant, using hybrid and electrical vehicles or actively boosting the health of our workforce. And sometimes we come up with highlights like the PrintStool that we use to research how renewable materials can be applied to 3D-printing production techniques.

Why not read more about Wilkhahn’s commitment to environmental protection?

Download our Environmental Statement as PDF.

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