IN office chair - 3D seating at its best.


Activating. Concentrating. Relaxing.

Psychologists, physiotherapists and orthopaedists all agree that physical activity’s vital if we want to stay fit and healthy. But it’s the whole of our body that’s important and not just our backs and joints. Taking enough exercise helps us to cope with stress, to feel happy and to make us more productive. And productivity is a top priority for corporate healthcare programmes. Wilkhahn has devoted decades to making people less desk-bound. It all started with a pioneering study called “From posture-based to motion- based seating” which spawned products that are still considered the world’s best and most attractive office chairs. Current research results that highlight the minimum level of physical activity required encourage us to continue down this route. And advancements in material and process technology have opened up opportunities to tap into completely new dimensions of dynamic sitting with our patented 3D kinematics called Trimension ®. Our engineers and designers have created IN and made this groundbreaking technology possible for back offices too. Perfectly synchronised 3D dynamics combined with exceptional comfort stimulate our bodies, boost our powers of concentration and make work a relaxing experience.


IN. Form and function

In this case, form and function are on an equal footing. IN’s athletic aesthetic is a perfection mix of ingenious design with first-class materials, appealing finishes and innovative manufacturing processes. The unitary seat and back construction has different levels of elasticity and is made in one piece using cutting- edge 2K technology. It’s also connected with the swivel arms, both of which can be moved separately, via distinctive pivotal points. The backrest cover has been designed to match precisely. It’s made from especially developed 3D Formstrick (form-fit knit), produced under computer-controlled conditions. Similarly to high-end trainers, the different thicknesses and zones aren’t just attractive, but also offer the body perfect support. Just take a seat, adjust the height and turn the knob in the middle to change the counter pressure. We’re sure you and IN will never want to part.

Trimension® with front tilt.

The seat and back construction can tilt synchronously from the horizontal by up to 12° in the seat, up to 26° backwards in the back with a sideways tilt of up to 13°. Turning the button upwards on the left underneath the front edge of the seat produces a vertical sitting posture with an extra 5° frontwards tilt.

Counter pressure.

This is adjusted by turning the knob attached to the flexibly mounted central spring. This method automatically ensures that not too much pressure is put on the swivel arms when making the adjustments. Trimension® is designed for people weighing from 45 to 140 kilos.

2D armrests.

The armrests, positioned at the back of the swivel arms, are made of glass fibre-reinforced, black-grey, throughdyed polyamide. The armrest pads come optionally in polypropylene or softer polyurethane. Their height is adjustable by 100 mm in ten positions at the touch of a button.

3D armrests.

By pushing them forwards and pulling them backwards, the depth of the armrest pads (available in both versions) can be adjusted by 50 mm in depth and pivoted in each case by 30° inwards or outwards

Additional lumbar support.

The optional lumbar support can be adjusted by 60 mm and acts like a height-adjustable backrest. It can be retrofitted at any time and consists of elastic, high-tech plastic which always returns to its original shape. The standard lumbar support is recognisable from the front and the back in the integrated form-fit knit.

Seat-depth extension.

In the standard version the seat depth is 430 mm. If you have shorter thighs, you can activate the optional seatdepth extension to decrease the length of the chair in four lockable stages, or if you have longer thighs you can extend it by up to 450 mm. The patented adjustment can be made while seated by pushing slide controls on both sides.


Examples of how you could furnish your area with IN


When lined up in a row, the IN 3D office chair reveals another strength. Its athletic design stands apart from conventional office chairs, but is still understated nevertheless. Anyone preferring a more subtle look can choose from silver or black coated frames. Despite its dynamic make-up, IN is unobtrusive and integrates with the design of any interior.






The armrests are connected to the swivel arms at the back to offer plenty of room for movement and at the same time track all backwards, forwards and sideways movements. The high-lustre polished swivel arms and star bases match the chrome-plated finishes superbly. When paired with dark covers on the seat and back, they lend the IN 3D office chair an outstandingly classy appearance.

The unique way the IN 3D office chair moves is evident in the design. The two pivotal Trimension® points are located near to your hips. The die-cast aluminium swivel arms transmit the force with the elegant sweep of the backrest directly to the spring at the front. Combined with matching covers, the coloured frames have a very athletic appeal.


How to get a IN 3D office chair

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A moving story, or how sitting learnt to walk. We think it’s natural to sit down in private or public anytime and anywhere – whether we're at home or at work, in front of the TV, enjoying a meal, or a play at the theatre. But constantly sitting still means our bodies atrophy and this lack of movement is believed to be the cause of many health complaints. Which is why we teamed up with sports and health scientists to develop patented Trimension®, a new sitting concept that mirrors the way we walk in order to stimulate muscles and joints. The video gives a fascinating insight into Trimension’s development and the innovative high-tech processes applied to produce IN – which is currently considered the world’s most dynamic and comfortable office chair. Download the video Subscribe Wilkhahn at Youtube

"Individual variety"


Seat with a Formstrick (form-fit knit) cover.

Similarly to the cover on the back, the form-fit knit cover is also available for the seat if you want both to be in the same material. Similarly to the backrest, the seat of the IN 3D office chair also has different, three-dimensional support zones, giving it a particularly athletic look.


Seat with Racer cover.

In the “starter” version of the IN 3D office chair, the seat cover has a flat, smooth appearance. The fabric excels because it’s so hard wearing and very comfortable. To coordinate with the 3D form-fit cover on the back, it’s available in different colours.

Other covers

Seat with other Wilkhahn covers.

If you want the your office chair to go with other Wilkhahn seating or design concepts, the seat can also be fitted with alternative covers from the Wilkhahn fabric collection. The deep top stitching is an obvious characteristic of these covers.

Seat-depth extension

Seat-depth extension in all versions

The short top stitching indicates optional seat-depth extension in all versions.


Backrest in Formstrick (form-fit knit).

The lumbar support with higher, three-dimensional density is integrated in the breathable form-fit knit on the back of the IN 3D office chair. 


Backrest in Formstrick (form-fit knit).

The otherwise slightly transparent cover of the IN 3D office chair is made in one piece and applied to the backrest frame. Consequently it adapts to different body shapes and postures.


Backrest with double-ply form-fit knit.

With a double-ply cover, IN looks exceptionally high quality and even more comfortable. The integrated and equally breathable upholstery foam and the additional stitching ensure a distinctive three-dimensional contour. 


Backrest with double-ply form-fit knit.

The three-dimensional contour of the IN 3D office chair is reinforced when the chair is viewed from the back by the optional, additional lumbar support.

Matt-coated frame surfaces.

Matt-coated frame surfaces.

The frame surfaces of the IN are also powder coated to match the colours of the form-fit knits on the back. In addition to the standard coatings in matt black or silver satin finish, they are also available in conjunction with aluminium star bases in the same colour in turquoise, grey, orange and red – all matt.


Polished frame surfaces.

With an aluminium star base in the same design, the diecast aluminium swivel arms are also optionally available in polished versions. This surface looks highly authentic and matches other natural surfaces well.

High-lustre polished

High-lustre polished frame surfaces.

Combined with chrome-plated surfaces, the high-lustre polished frames are another appropriate alternative for the IN 3D office chair. Due to their reflective nature, they also make IN look sleeker and more elegant.

Star bases

Star bases.

The star bases of IN are all fitted with twin wheel swivel castors with load-dependent braking which are also available with soft facings for hard floorings. In the starter models the star bases consist of black, through-dyed, glass fibre-reinforced plastic, otherwise they come in die-cast aluminium.