Ceno chair and Asienta upholstered sofa range for an academic centre

Turning an architectural, Late Baroque gem into a contemporary conference centre requires subtlety in no small measure. The results at Raitenhaslach Monastery in Bavaria are impressive thanks to a productive partnership between the owner, the town of Burghausen, and the Technical University of Munich that runs it. What sets Raitenhaslach Academy apart is its impressive interior design. All the rooms are understated in order to show the sophisticated historical details, ceiling frescos, fittings and tiled stoves to better advantage. The historical rooms are used for a variety of purposes and the versatile furniture links the past with the present. Interior designer Andreas Anetseder provided the perfect solution by picking Wilkhahn’s Ceno chair and Asienta upholstered sofa range and developing his own table solution. 

The history of today’s universities is short compared with the early hubs of science – or in other words the monasteries. In their isolation they weren’t just places of spirituality, craftsmanship and agricultural development, but also educational and cultural centres. This tradition is now being revived in a contemporary manner in Burghausen, Bavaria. Since the beginning of June 2016, the Late Baroque Raitenhaslach Monastery has been made available to the Technical University of Munich as an academic centre. By carrying out an in-depth survey and by carefully using techniques for listed buildings, the monastery’s Prelate building was documented by the university and transformed for academic use. The building was constructed in 1762 in a picturesque setting on the Salzach river. Now all the rooms have been restored to their former glory and are available to the academic world as places for retreats and conferences.

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Project: Academic centre TUM Raitenhaslach  Location: Raitenhaslach Monastery, Burghausen, Bavaria  Client: Technical University of Munich
Interior designer: Andreas A. P. Anetseder, Munich  
Completion date: 2016
Photography: Astrid Eckert, Andreas Anetseder (see captions)
Featured Products:
Ceno multi-purpose chair
Asienta upholstered furniture range
ON office task chair

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Bridging history – an academic centre in Raitenhaslach Monastery with Ceno seating