OrtizLeon Architects

The designs by ORTIZ.LEON Arquitectos aim for the sky. The Spanish architects specialise in sustainable high-rise buildings. Their own cube-like office in Madrid is a creative hub with a restrained design that ensures a focused atmosphere. Wilkhahn’s motion-driven seating provides an attractive contrast with the space’s simple, uncluttered look. ORTIZ.LEON Arquitectos are quoted as saying that “A work space isn't just a place to think, it should also reflect characteristics and viewpoints”. What do the prize-winning Madrid architects’ premises say about them? The office was clearly designed by people who appreciate clarity and need dynamism at the same time.

The fold-up bikes which are used to get to work and then left in the office illustrate this desire for more physical activity. But the furniture also encourages motion in day-to-day office life. The ergonomic ON office chairs stand for three-dimensional sitting that energises bodies, minds and souls. And Stand-up, Wilkhahn’s even more flexible object in motion, encourages people to take a break from their usual postures and to pause for thought.

The minimalist design is even more apparent in the conference rooms and spawns an atmosphere where people can concentrate on what's important. In the larger conference room, the lively light green of the ON cantilever chairs is an attractive surprise. Multi-purpose Chassis chairs were chosen for the two smaller meeting rooms. In white and light grey they didn’t overpower the spaces either.

Design in a white cube 

Type: Office
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Architects: OrtizLeon Architects
Featured products:

ON office chair
ON cantilever chair
Chassis multi-purpose chair
Stand-up stool

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