Dura Vermeer

Construction company DVDI and engineering firm Advin in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, both moved into prestigious premises that fully reflected the philosophy of the two companies: transparency, flexibility and encouraging personal interaction were the core principles of the design from the OeverZaaijer architectural firm in Amsterdam. The companies deliberately invested in providing a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere to work in with work spaces fitted out to very high quality – supported by tables and chairs from Wilkhahn.

The companies’ headquarters (which were previously separate) were merged in the two cube-shaped structures that appear to be carried by a joint base. Atriums, the height of the building in the two towers, lie at the heart of the interior concept. Common areas come together here. Additional staircases through this spacious area literally create cross connections. The offices facing the outside of the building open up to the communication area thanks to transparent glass partition walls. The stylish multi-purpose chairs from the Aline range were chosen to match the transparent interior structure in the atria and building’s base.

The architectural company’s credo “form follows people” runs right through the structure of the rooms and the furnishings. The architects selected transportable and foldable Wilkhahn tables that allow rooms to be re-arranged quickly and easily. The offices were equipped with 800 ON swivel chairs which set a new ergonomic standard in terms of three-dimensional flexibility. This decision is a clear statement in favour of quality and boosting health in the workplace. A total of around 1,300 Wilkhahn chairs were used.

Type: Office
Location: Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Year: 2011
Firm: Advin
Featured products:

ON office chair
ON cantilever chair
Logon conference table
Aline multi-purpose chair
Aline multi-purpose table

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