German Federal Pension Fund headquarters

Wilkhahn delivered 276 Neos cantilever chairs, 133 Conversa tables and a Graph conference table with 24 corresponding conference chairs for the conference area for the Board of Management at the new head office building of the German Federal Pension Fund Braunschweig-Hanover in Laatzen. The furniture is used in all the meeting rooms, conference rooms and the seminar rooms, which are provided for flexible use. Wilkhahn Sales was able to win the contract thanks to the exceptional quality of its product and consulting service, with the combination of table and technological expertise clinching the deal more than anything else. The new building is to take account of the decrease in the number of staff and increased requirements in terms of energy efficiency. It offers space for 1,150 employees (of which 1,026 are office workplaces). It replaces the main office – now over-dimensioned – of the German Federal Pension Fund and comprises two square structures, which are arranged so that they are offset and connected with a glass joint. There are five floors with bright offices for one to six persons and several meeting rooms above the ground floor with a catering section and conference rooms.

Conference room
Location: Hannover, Laatzen
Year: 2015
Featured Products:
Timetable conference table
Neos cantilever chair
Conversa conference table

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