Ergonomic 3D office chair with ESP - Free to move

From 3D sitting to 3D leaning to standing in one fell swoop

Case studies on Wilkhahn’s free-to-move-office chairs show that well-being and mental agility improve the more diverse the range of movement and more frequent the change of posture are. Therefore, in addition to 3D-dynamic movement in office chairs, height-adjustable tables are becoming the new standard in offices where a premium is placed on health and people are encouraged to alternate between sitting and standing. The challenge: most of us don’t take up this option because getting up from a normal seating height and adjusting the table height are both too time consuming. Consequently, changing posture always means interrupting what we’re doing.

Which is exactly where the latest ON office chair range with its elevated sitting position (ESP) and variety of design options comes in: the models can be used as standard office chairs with full 3D-movement capabilities but can also be adjusted to a seating height of up to 62 cm. The elevated sitting position also provides new additional features: if the patented forward seat tilt is activated, the office chair turns into a dynamic object to perch on while still allowing users to lean on the backrest.

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174/72 range - Design: Wilkhahn

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