Conference table Palette

640 range - Design: Karlheinz Rubner

Solid. Understated. Ingeniously versatile.

Built to last: a solid-wood tabletop, resting on four column-shaped, table legs that are flush with the edge of the tabletop. Unlike virtually any other table range, Palette stands for the contemporary archetypal table. In terms of function and aesthetic appeal, the black top of the table legs and the glide are perfection itself. But Palette can do more: in just one simple step the leg can be released and moved to accommodate another panel. As a result, you can create, extend or divide tables to suit the way you want to use the room, procedures and numbers concerned – from a table for one or two, to a conference layout.

The rigid blockboard tops do not require any underframes. This creates more legroom and allows space-saving stacking (like palettes) of any tabletops not currently needed. And what is more, in addition to mass-produced tabletops, the ingenious design allows customised tabletops – including integration of state-of-the-art multimedia equipment. 

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Digital brochures
640 Palette Digital brochure ENG (pdf 3.41 MB)
Techni stations for meeting tables (pdf 2.43 MB)
Product information
640 Palette Manual (pdf 0.04 MB)
640 Palette Product Information (pdf 0.33 MB)
All products from Wilkhahn / Catalog (pdf 31.72 MB)
Cleaning and Disinfecting information (pdf 3.52 MB)
Conference Tables Brochure (pdf 3.28 MB)
Conferencing Workbook (pdf 7.4 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 5.85 MB)
Healthy and future-proof Office Workspaces (pdf 6.34 MB)
CAD Data - Revit files
640 Palette 2d files (zip 0.04 MB)
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640 Palette 3ds files (zip 0.71 MB)
640 Palette Range Revit Imperial (zip 8.54 MB)
Palette Dimension (pdf 0.2 MB)
640 Palette Greenguard Certificate (pdf 0.61 MB)
EMAS Certficate of Registration (pdf 0.55 MB)
Environmental Information
640 Palette EPI (pdf 0.12 MB)
640 Palette Greenguard Certificate (pdf 0.61 MB)
640 Palette Leed (pdf 0.17 MB)
EMAS Certficate of Registration (pdf 0.55 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 5.85 MB)
Videos and more
640 Palette "How To Assemble" Video (mp4 190.05 MB)
640 Palette "How To Configure" Video (mp4 96.42 MB)
640 Palette "How To Disassemble" Video (mp4 142.88 MB)
Woodstain Colours sample card (pdf 0.76 MB)