Aline - Tables for multi-purpose areas.

230 range - Design: Andreas Störiko

In addition to skid-base and swivel chairs, benches and bar stools, the Aline range also offers round and square low, sitting and standing-height pedestal tables, as well as two-pedestal rectangular tables. The stylish and transparent look and feel of Aline is ideal for informal areas used for professional purposes: sales rooms, customer-support and waiting areas, bistros and cafeterias, or desks and dining rooms at home. Thanks to the anti-bacterial fabric of the seating and the easy-care, robust table tops, Aline is an excellent choice for spas and healthcare areas. Whatever the setting, the furniture lends the room a light and informal appeal that encourages an informal chat. It is both attractive and comfortable with sophisticated functions at the same time. 

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Digital brochures
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Environmental Information
EMAS Certficate of Registration (pdf 0.55 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)


Wilkhahn Aline IF Design Award 2007 color
Wilkhahn Good Design Award ON 2010