Printstool One - 3D printed stool

A collaboration with designer Thorsten Franck has produced a stool collection whose shapes are ideal for production via this method with its sparing use of materials. The 3D print innovative technology makes the progressive aesthetic of the PrintStool One possible in the first place.

The sophisticated, three-dimensional structures of the stool’s body stand out for efficient use of material. The stool is very strong due to the clever way the seat and base are connected and it can take people weighing up to 100 kg. The renewable and fully biodegradable printing material also has huge potential.

There will be prototypes of the current stage of development to try out in diverse colours and shapes. Together with this digital revolution that’s Industry 4.0, 3D printing is considered a key technology and make it possible to produce ready-to-use 3D-printed furniture.

203 range - Design: Thorsten Franck


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