Dear Wilkhahn friends and business partners, 

We are all sharing concern over the public health and commercial challenges the fast developing COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the world and obviously all of us to.

As a responsible and reliable employer and partner we would today provide some information on how Wilkhahn has prepared itself to operate during the period ahead. 

Most importantly, we assure you that to date no member of the Wilkhahn team has been infected or is showing any symptoms that would raise concern and the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients is our top priority.

To ensure continuing service at the highest levels in the changed environment we have over the past weeks introduced some operational changes in the way we work internally. 

We have implemented new practices, and our sales team, and majority of our admin staff have been trained and equipped to work from home offices. Furthermore, whilst face to face meetings might be postponed for some time. We are committed to staying connected. Our teams will be in touch about well established as well as new ways to connect digitally - as we need this more than ever before.

Our showrooms remain manned and continue to be staffed to host you “by appointment” as usual. 

Our supply chain is undisturbed and our factories are operating. Thanks to your custom our confirmed forward orderbook is holding strong. As a consequence we have not had to lay off staff. Quite the opposite is the case through the introduction of a revolving two shift pattern in some of our factories. The later not only slightly increases capacity but at the same time also ensures that should one of our team members contract the virus and isolation measures must be executed, the second shift will remain fully operational. 

It is your continued custom and trust that is allowing for the positive commercial situation to date and we would like to thank you for it, wholeheartedly. 

Despite the challenges we face, we are keeping our spirits high and excited to continue to work with you, keeping our projects live and sending the orders out.

We are aware that Covid-19 is having a large impact across the world, are monitoring the situation constantly to adapt and certainly recognize we are all in this together. Nevertheless, we are keeping our positive energy and maintain an unchanged commitment to provide the most exiting furniture in design and functionality with the partnership and professional approach that you have experienced and can always expect from Wilkhahn. 

Again, thanks, all the best, stay safe and healthy.


Your Wilkhahn Team

If you have any questions, please contact us directly

Showroom New York

Wilkhahn New York is located on the 8th floor in the Starrett-Lehigh Building, which is situated along the Hudson River. The building attracts high-end fashion designers, photography, film and art studios. It is a very unique and diverse building; perfect to showcase the “design made in Germany” products. The Wilkhahn showroom has a view of the northern Manhattan skyline that is simply breathtaking. Most of our products can be viewed and tested in our showroom. Please contact us for further information.

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