Corporate Responsibility

"We believe that fairness towards people and the environment belong together."


As a globally leading manufacturer of high-quality office chairs, seating and table solutions which foster health, a feeling of well-being, creativity and success, we reaffirm our status as a premium supplier each and every day. Wilkhahn inspires enthusiasm worldwide thanks to superb products, a motivated team and a value-based style of corporate management. Trust and reliability, listening to customers, commitment, simplicity, sustainability and the desire for what is new are guiding principles of Wilkhahn’s corporate culture. We see these corporate values as joint fundamental convictions that are shared, practised and developed by the whole organisation worldwide.


Wilkhahn is committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact. This includes respecting and fostering human rights and keeping to and encouraging good international labour standards. We also take a stand against any form of corruption and constantly improve our company‘s environmental impact by taking precautionary measures and complying with current environmental legislation.