ME - 164 range

ME - the tailor-made chair for optimum comfort and flexibility.

Thanks to its modular design principle, it meets all customer requirements and international certification standards. With its exceptionally large adjustment ranges, ME is also suitable for users who are especially small or large. This makes ME one of the few chairs on the market that, with the appropriate configuration, can meet the very strict new European standard EN 1335 type AX. The intuitive operation and ease of use make it simple to adjust the desired settings. There are no lengthy trial and error sessions or awkward readjustments; ME adapts effortlessly to individual needs. Whether you're leaning forward while writing or leaning back while talking on the phone, ME adapts perfectly to any sitting posture.

With the patented ProgressiveMotion module, the ME swivel chair automatically leads to multidimensional movements, promoting comfort and well-being. The design concept combines the backrest and seat into a single unit, whose contours appear harmonious from every perspective. Clear edges merge into soft surfaces. This contrast creates exciting surfaces and an attractive appearance with high recognition value.

ME at a glance

The patented ProgressiveMotion module ensures outstanding ergonomics and an incomparably comfortable user experience.

Wide range of configurations
Thanks to the modular design concept, ME can be perfectly adapted to any tender or customer requirement.

Integrative design, well thought-out down to the smallest detail - for an attractive appearance with high recognition value.

Intuitive handling 
Intuitive operation and simple handling allow the desired settings to be made effortlessly.

ME meets strict sustainability requirements and international certification standards.


Product information

Frames and casters
Gas lifts and mechanisms
Seat and armrests
Fabrics and covers
Technical details
Models and dimensions


Digital brochures
Wilkhahn-164-ME-Factsheet-EN.pdf (pdf 5 MB)
Wilkhahn-164-ME-Product_Presentation_EN.pdf (pdf 5.77 MB)
Product information
164 ME Manuel (pdf 1.9 MB)
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)
Wilkhahn-ME-164-Assembly-Instructions-EN (pdf 0.38 MB)
CAD Data - Revit files (zip 14.01 MB) (zip 6.72 MB) (zip 335.42 MB)
Wilkhahn-164-ME-3ds-metric (zip 29.14 MB)
164 ME GREENGUARD Certification (pdf 0.67 MB)
164 ME GREENGUARD Gold Certification (pdf 0.69 MB)
164 ME GS Certifcate (pdf 0.94 MB)
Environmental Information
Environmental Statement (pdf 7.73 MB)
Videos and more
Wilkhahn-ME-164-How-to-use_EN.mp4 (mp4 60 MB)
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