Future-proof workspaces with Timetable Lift and Confair

Flexibility and mobility are essential for modern hybrid working. Recent years have seen marked changes not only in work styles but also in the way offices need to be furnished.

Our dynamic conference furniture has been setting new standards for decades. By updating our Timetable Lift and Confair ranges, we’re consistently increasing existing functionality. Smart additions enable workshops in situ or even agile and hybrid collaborative work styles. For maximum mobility, pick our versatile solutions.

A toolbox for unlimited possibilities


These range from a monitor mount for video conferences at sitting, standing or lounge-furniture height to precision-adjustable digital collaboration boards and integrated analogue and digital workshop tools. As well as its integrated wireless charging for smartphones and tablets, the range is rounded out with a sophisticated cable management concept and a high-performance wireless power module that allows maximum freedom when choosing a location for meetings.

The practical additional features that come with Timetable Lift bring out the best in modern and future-proof office environments and make a real difference to productivity. These features allow conferences and team meetings to be held quickly and spontaneously anywhere within the company’s offices – with the best technical equipment. Whether for interactive conferences, workshops or project work, you can adjust the settings as required – for example, based on the number of participants, the preferred conference options and the necessary multi-media equipment. The new Timetable Lift Smart is also a perfect starter option for users who are looking for a reliable solution which can be combined with all accessories.