Virtual globetrotting


Mark Twain once so aptly said: “One must travel to learn”, summing up what we’re missing most at the moment while travel is limited. During the pandemic, opportunities to meet people in person while on holiday, or in the course of day-to-day business, without any personal safety concerns, are rare. It’s still unclear when spontaneity and inspirational interaction with others will become the norm again. Today, for some welcome distraction while we wait, we’re recommending some globetrotting with three destinations that you can head for in the blink of an eye and that offer lots of information, inspiration and interaction.


The three virtual Wilkhahn showrooms in London, Sydney and our Bad Münder headquarters are now open for you in a virtual form 24/7. An interactive, 3D tour lets you wander through the spaces and display more info or watch films with one easy click. Your visit will feel even more realistic if you own VR equipment like an Oculus Quest headset. And anyone who would like to be guided live through the digital showroom can contact the respective location to do so!

Image: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn in Clerkenwell, London
45 Great Sutton St, London EC1V 0DE, United Kingdom
Phone + 44 207 324 2900


The London-based showroom is located in the artists’ and designers’ neighbourhood of Clerkenwell. In 2015, architectural firm IAMstudio turned a historic, brick building on two floors into light-flooded showrooms and office spaces where small events can also take place. The virtual tour also indicates the names and roles of the colleagues who occupy the workspaces and provides direct links to contact them on LinkedIn.

Click here for the showroom tour in London.

Image: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn in Sydney
74 Wentworth Ave, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia
Phone + 61 2 9310 3355


The Sydney showroom was opened in the hip neighbourhood of Surry Hills on 1 March 2018. This area is also full of galleries, design studios and exceptional stores. The core areas for which we provide excellent solutions are shown on floor space of 700 square metres in various settings. And it was the first showroom in Australia to be awarded the Well Building Certificate.

Click here for the showroom tour in Sydney.

Image: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn at the Bad Münder headquarters
Fritz-Hahne-Strasse 8, 31848 Bad Münder, Germany
Phone +49 5042 999-0


The Wilkhahn campus is situated in a picturesque location in the Deister-Süntel Valley, approx. 40 km to the south west of Hanover. Anyone visiting the showroom with its roughly 600 square metres of floor space on site in the future should take a stroll over the rest of the company’s premises too. They’ll be able to see the unique production facilities, which are based on designs by Pritzker prize winner Frei Otto, and the eco-friendly wooden factory sheds by architect Thomas Herzog.

Click here for the showroom tour in Bad Münder. 


Our virtual trip’s only catch is that the traditional cup of coffee on arrival will be missing. But perhaps even that’s just a question of time and, above all, we’re looking forward to meeting you again locally soon.

Should you still have itchy feet after visiting the virtual showrooms, we have a few sightseeing tips at the three destinations that you shouldn’t miss:


London’s National Gallery

Here, you can come face to face with Venus and Mars by Boticelli, or works of art by Monet, van Gogh and da Vinci.


Sydney sightseeing

Why not take a 360° stroll through Sydney Opera House by the Danish Pritzker architecture prize winner Jørn Utzon, or enjoy the view from the impressive Harbour Bridge?


Bad Münder/Hanover region: Herrenhäuser Gardens

Enjoy a walk through one of Europe’s premier baroque gardens or to Herrenhausen Palace.

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