Unique office furniture for unique customers


The Wilkhahn portfolio offers various furnishing solutions for modern working and living environments in well over 40 ranges. Swivel chairs, conference chairs, multipurpose chairs, sit-stand stools, individual tables, conference tables and workshop tools make up our range. Many of them can be wheeled, height-adjusted, stacked, stackable, foldable or collapsible – or simply put: flexible.

This also applies to the design of our products. Fifteen fabric collections, two leather qualities, one artificial leather, nine veneers, five wood decors and numerous other coatings and surfaces are available in countless colors. And yet, of course, our variety of models and designs cannot cover all of our customers’ requirements.

Our project department handles all individual requests that go beyond the standard range. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch

Your ideas, our expertise: individual requests perfectly implemented

The demands we place on furniture today are diverse. This also applies to office furniture in particular, as working environments are increasingly geared towards people’s individual needs. Corporate design is also playing an increasingly important role in the design of office and project spaces.

Inquiries that go beyond the regular range are handled by our project department headed by Julia-Wilkening-Martin, Head of International Client Projects and member of Wilkhahn’s advisory board. Customized production involves special issues that require both technical and advisory expertise. As a direct point of contact for our customers, the project department combines precisely these skills.

Special materials are always selected and tested in direct consultation with our customers. Wilkhahn cooperated with PHOENIX in 2024 for individual pieces from Intra. Photo: PHOENIX

Process of custom-made products: step-by-step to a tailored solution

  • In addition to the basic question of feasibility, the department first checks the procurement of the necessary special materials, such as fabrics and coating colors, and tests their technical applicability in close coordination with production.If a special quilting, seam processing or upholstery thickness is also required, the development upholstery department is called in to assess the processing options through prototype tests.


  • Based on the collected material data and expenses, the project department finally calculates a cost estimate and, if necessary, makes suggestions for alternative materials, surfaces and processing options.


  • Once the order is placed, almost everything runs like a standard product. The special order is transmitted precisely to the production department via the system, the special materials that have already been checked are ordered and production starts in the usual process. Cutting, sewing, upholstery and assembly – everything is done with the utmost precision and care. With their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for the product, our Wilkhahn team ensures that the order is completed to the customer’s complete satisfaction at every stage of the process.


  • If the customized pieces of furniture have to meet certain DIN norms and standards, we not only take these requirements into account at the outset when selecting the materials, but also test the custom-made products in our test laboratory on request.
Stefanie Stanke is responsible for the development upholstery. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
Special wishes require special techniques. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
Every material is processed with great care. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
Fatma Bayrak is an upholsterer at Wilkhahn and knows her trade. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
Wilhelm Dolle demonstrates maximum precision during assembly. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
Carefully and environmentally consciously packaged for safe shipping. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch

Cooperation with PHOENIX: unique pieces from Intra in a new design

A great example of the possibilities of individualized product manufacturing at Wilkhahn are the unique pieces from Intra, which were created together with PHOENIX as part of International Women’s Day 2024. Intra is a conference chair that breaks through hierarchies and challenges gender stereotypes. The organic shapes, comfortable upholstery and integrated controls symbolize a modern understanding of leadership culture.

Structured and organic, bold and individual, wrapped and impulsive – the new color and material combinations reflect the image of a self-confident and determined woman and give the original Intra design a completely new look.

Photo: Wilkhahn

Together with her team, Julia Wilkening-Martin was responsible for implementing the PHOENIX designs: “It was important to know who could provide the right input with which skills and at which point. That means getting everyone involved, discussing a lot, understanding it and taking it on board.The fact that the chairs are now here is a really great team achievement!”

Julia Wilkening-Martin and her team implement complex international customer projects. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch
When selecting the material, it is not only the appearance that counts, but also the technical feasibility. Photo: Ludwig Schoepfer/StudioTusch

Wilkhahn – “made in Germany”: excellent design and outstanding quality

More than almost any other furniture manufacturer, Wilkhahn stands for “Design made in Germany” worldwide – with high-quality office and conference furniture that is the benchmark for the entire industry. 60 years ago, we committed ourselves to the goal of combining better quality of use, durable design and longevity. We are always open to new ideas and are always happy to be inspired by our customers’ wishes. Because every request – and therefore every piece of furniture – is a unique story that we help to shape with passion.

Upholstery: special leather “Naturale” / Finish: special powder in fine structure/matt and pigeon blue (RAL 5014) Photo: Wilkhahn

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