Cool companion

The rounded base of the dynamicstool that will never topple over keeps people moving. Image: 1zu33 / Wilkhahn

Is spending the day standing up really healthier than sitting down? Yes and no. As is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between because the more physical activity you engage in the better. The good news is that Wilkhahn’s Stand-up stool (design: Thorsten Franck) means you don’t need to make a conscious decision between one or the other because this eye-catcher gets you moving automatically, whether you’re participating in workshops, live chats at computers, or taking breaks. Because the stool encourages motion in a fun way. Perched on diagonally, this item with a single leg becomes a piece of furniture with three and allows users to rotate their hips and let their minds wander. Given a gentle push, it swings back, but rights itself in its original position again. The seat part can be opened in one simple step to allow storage of office essentials in the tapered hollow body. The practical carry strap means the stool and its contents can be carried from room to room, from the office to desk at home or even outdoors in good weather.

With its new range (from left to right) of beige, bronze, sage and cobalt blue colours, Wilkhahn’s Stand-up stool offers more options for customised interior design concepts. It also cuts a dash in more laid-back environments. Photos: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn has added four new hues to enhance customised interior design options. The new collection offers warm beige, bronze, sage and cobalt blue tones, which together, on their own, or combined with the original array of colours, are real highlights. In other words, the stool can lend any working environment a hip look and feel and boost well-being in open space offices or workspaces at home.

Visit Wilkhahn’s website for more information on the new colour range.

The natural look of the new colours (in this case bronze and sage) is underscored when combined with wood. Concept development and planning: 1zu33, image: Wilkhahn

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