Ergonomic choices

The building resembles a cube with a structured facade on the outside, while the atrium on the inside offers lots of daylight and a point of reference for occupants. Photo: atelier 522

In terms of that feel-good factor, it’s not just the interior design that counts. Tastes differ with some people preferring offices, others co-working spaces or WFH. Some like quiet workspaces or even single-person offices, while others enjoy some background noise, or impromptu chats between colleagues in an open-plan office.

The new design of Stadler Anlagenbau’s offices is based on a people-centric concept that allows communal spaces or areas for deep work. Co-workers pick the space to match their preferences and responsibilities. Photos: atelier 522

To meet this wide range of requirements, Stadler Anlagenbau picked a flexible new-work concept when planning its new office building near Lake Constance. Architects at atelier 522 came up with a whole host of different rooms with open-plan and closed layouts over an 850-square-meter area. The result is a workplace that offers the right setting for people to work productively and interact with each other.

The design focused on transparency, well-being and interaction. The light-flooded atrium also acts as a point of reference for building occupants. Photos: atelier 522

Communicative transparency

As a specialist in sorting lines for the recycling industry, sophisticated structures and systematic procedures are part of day-to-day life at Stadler Anlagenbau. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the company wanted the interior design concept to reflect these aspects. The light-flooded atrium in the middle of the building is the centerpiece. In addition to providing plenty of daylight, the atrium allows people to look into other offices, making communication between departments easier. This transparency also acts as a point of reference and is complemented by a clever way-finding system.

The interior looks contemporary and timeless thanks to the crisp, understated design language and muted colors. A select mix of materials stands for well-being and warmth (wood), transparency and openness (glass) and strength (concrete). Photos: atelier 522

Ergonomic choices

To enable people to alternate between sitting and standing, the new office provides lots of seating options for lounges, desks or little in-between spaces. The purpose of all these options is to encourage co-workers to change locations, depending on what they’re doing, or their mood. Because keeping co-workers fit and healthy means combating the lack of physical exercise in offices effectively. And this also applies to those who prefer working at desks. Which is where the AT free-to-move-office chairs with three-dimensional dynamic sitting come in. Those switching to lounge sofas after hours at a computer can just give up their task chair to somebody else. The backrest’s counter pressure automatically adjusts in all directions to different users, which makes the furniture flexible and customizable.

Co-workers benefit from the three-dimensional AT office task chair that adapts automatically to any posture. Photos: atelier 522

We chose Wilkhahn chairs because their ergonomics meet the demands of a healthy office environment. The muted, understated colors of the chairs blend in perfectly with the rest of the interior design,

atelier 522.

Further information

At Wilkhahn, we realized a long time ago that people-centric office design was a must. Our human-centered workplace concept is a practical and useful guide to holistic planning of office environments where people like to be and are productive in tomorrow’s world too. Read more about it here

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