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Remseck came about following the amalgamation of six former villages back in the 1970s. Creating a town centre for locals is a challenge if it hasn’t evolved organically. Which is why Remseck’s project to develop a new, shared Neue Mitte neighbourhood is inviting people to join in and have a say in what this new area should look like. The goal is for all Remseck’s citizens to engage with each other in the new neighbourhood in order to boost a community spirit and enable them to identify with their town.

Discussions about a joint town centre were being carried out back in the 1990s. But it wasn’t until 15 years later that a competition was held and won by a Frankfurt-based planning office. However, during the subsequent planning phase it transpired that costs would overshoot the original budget quite significantly. Which was why, following a new tender, architects Hein-Hüttel-Lindenberger HHL from Ludwigsburg were appointed to complete the first construction phase for the town hall, concert hall and Kubus media centre in 2016.

Creating connections was also the architectural principle behind Remseck’s new town centre. The new town hall (in grey) is positioned protectively over the concert hall (in white). Photos: Rolf Schwarz Fotodesign

The Neue Mitte is located at the point where the Rems and Neckar merge and this aspect also plays a pivotal role in the design of the new centre. The town hall and concert hall are situated on the new market place and overlook the two rivers. A square with green spaces and a water feature are being created to encourage Remseck’s citizens to meet and talk to each other. At the intersection, the long town hall building extends over the concert hall so that the two structures look like one.

The green Insit upholstered bench with backrest is an eye-catcher and invites people to linger a while. Photos: Rolf Schwarz Fotodesign

In contrast to the somewhat cramped conditions in the old town hall, the architects have chosen a more transparent and spacious look for the new interior’s design. The whole building has plenty of daylight thanks to large, light-flooded rooms and, in some cases, glass walls on the inside.

Dark grey carpeting ensures good acoustics. Wilkhahn’s green Insit upholstered bench with backrest (Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger) provides a colourful contrast in communal spaces and invites people to take a seat and linger for a while. The architects also selected Wilkhahn furniture for the meeting rooms. The stackable, ON cantilever chair stands apart for its clear, understated stylishness in the cool atmosphere that’s exuded by the exposed concrete walls.

The ON cantilever chair is a stylish feature in the modern meeting rooms. Photo: Rolf Schwarz Fotodesign

The architects deliberately placed the centrepiece of the new town hall, a large chamber, right up on the building’s fourth floor. Because they, quite literally, wanted the town council to keep on top of things. As the chamber is to be used for different purposes, the architects picked Wilkhahn’s versatile Versa conference tables. The tables can be set up to form a horseshoe, square or E-shape. With bayonet connectors to connect the foot and table top, tool-free configuration of stand-alone or linked tables is straightforward. And if the chamber needs to be emptied for a major conference, everything can be dismantled again in no time and table tops and feet stowed away compactly. “What belongs together will grow together”, is a much-quoted phrase dating back to the Reunification of Germany, but also applies on a small scale too. The new development in Remseck will create the foundations for this scenario to unfold.

The bayonet locks make easy and tool-free linkage of the Versa conference tables possible. Photo: Rolf Schwarz Fotodesign

The new town centre, consisting of the town hall, concert hall, media library and market square, will be somewhere for all Remseck’s citizens to congregate. The Neue Mitte hub stands apart for its wide range of facilities and sophisticated architecture. We chose a timeless, modern design that appeals to everyone. We’re delighted that we’ve found the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort in Wilkhahn products. The Insit upholstered bench with backrest in the waiting areas and foyers will be a real eye-catcher and almost looks like a work of art against the understated design of the setting. By comparison, the ON cantilever chair stylishly blends in with all the meeting rooms. We chose Versa conference tables for the large chamber because these allow tool-free linkage if you want to configure them in different shapes,

Stephan John, project architect at HHL

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Like more information about Wilkhahn’s upholstered Insit range? Then you can download the digital brochure here. (PDF, 6 MB)


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