Design in motion


How do we succeed in combining the flexibility and diversity of modern working environments with sustainability, continuity and corporate identity? You can find answers to this question in the new Wilkhahn catalogue, which is now available as a PDF or in printed form.

But the catalogue is much more than simply an overview of products. The beginning of the magazine section explains a lot about our design principles, which are based on the teachings of the Bauhaus and its successor, Ulm University of Design. And we’ll take you on a journey from the 1950s to the present day. Our story highlights how we’ve been honing superior modernist design for decades and transforming it to meet new challenges so that design sustainably improves people’s lives at home and at work.

The second part of the catalogue has an overview of the current Wilkhahn portfolio and includes numerous examples of how and where our furniture’s used and practical information on designing contemporary office environments that encourage people to stay healthy. We have plenty to inspire you

You can download the new Wilkhahn catalogue here.

A few excerpts from the new 2019/2010 Wilkhahn catalogue: from modernist roots to designing today’s workplaces.

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