NeoCon – Up Close and Personal

During NeoCon 2021 in Chicago, Wilkhahn LAB opened its doors again for the first time to welcome guests in person. The day had been a long time coming and eagerly anticipated. Photo: Wilkhahn

After an almost two-year hiatus, in-person events are now possible again in some places across the world. During NeoCon Chicago in October 2021, Wilkhahn took the opportunity to invite people to a face-to-face event again for the first time. Around 50 guests came to celebrate the occasion and were equally delighted to experience Wilkhahn’s new products at last. Up until then, they had only seen digital versions.

Verda Alexander, co-founder of O+A, won a Stitz stool at an IIDA event in San Francisco in August. The evening was a wonderful chance to present it to her officially and in person. In the picture from left to right: Thomas Knobloch, Wilkhahn CSO, Michael Lakner, president of Wilkhahn US, Verda, Mike Skaar, owner of the Knak Group in San Francisco and Alistair Simpson, Wilkhahn US regional manager. Photo: Wilkhahn

A guest of honor from across the Pond was, without doubt, one of the highlights of this inspiring evening. We’re talking about the prototype of a new Graph conference chair model (design: Jehs+Laub), which was flown in from the Bad Münder factory. The Graph iconic edition will be launched to mark the tenth anniversary of the classic range in early 2022. Its exclusive top-stitched upholstery sets it apart from previous models. Watch this space. We’ll soon be presenting this new high-end chair here in the blog.

Just landed and already the center of attention. The prototype of the new Graph iconic edition in Wilkhahn’s LAB in Chicago with its stylish, diamond-shaped stitching. Photo: Wilkhahn

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