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Thanks to its sculptural form, Metrik adds a dash of contemporary design to any office. Combined with the IN office chair, any room becomes a professional workspace. Photo: Octavian Craciun, Octavuss Photography

Working from home undoubtedly has lots of benefits, but there are downsides too. Commuting to work takes just a few steps, breaks mean a quick trip to the kitchen and we can even stay at our desks for that meeting with colleagues. As a result, the majority of office workers now spend even more time sitting at their computers. Therefore, it’s even more important to pick chairs that encourage frequent and diverse ranges of movement during the working day.


Working from home with the right furniture

In San Sebastián de los Reyes, close to Madrid in Spain, 83arquitectos have designed a new build, which is an example of how to live and work in one place successfully.

In this case, the home offices are impressive for their large windows with plenty of daylight, lots of natural materials and, last but not least, office chairs that are really fit for purpose. People who have space for an office at home are lucky. In this case, Wilkhahn’s three-dimensional IN with Trimension is the choice for the spacious room. It blends in superbly with the high-quality, interior-design concept. Thanks to its synchronized, 3D dynamic capabilities, it stimulates people’s bodies, increases their ability to concentrate and makes working a relaxing experience.

There are also two Metrik cantilever chairs for guests. The body-friendly design of the inside of the chair with its fitted seat cushioning ensures superior comfort, even if meetings last a little longer. Color-coordinated with the IN task chair, they stand out due to their distinctive, sculptural form without being dominant.


Healthy sitting in guest rooms too

The house’s guest room features the AT task chair, proving that healthy seating isn’t just for workspaces. It’s considered Wilkhahn all-rounder among the three-dimensional work chairs. And because the backrest bearer with its tilt capability has automatic weight adjustment, making use of the healthy range of motion is child’s play. Just sit down, adjust the seating height and you’re done! The chair and your body will do the rest by themselves.

Contemporary ergonomics meets a stylish interior – the 3D AT chair also looks good in the guest room. Photo: Octavian Craciun, Octavuss Photography

The example highlights how the right seating can make us happier and healthier in home offices. Particularly when first-class design and a wide range of surfaces, colors and upholstery fabrics blend in superbly with the setting. Even if the space is seldom as ideal as in this house in Spain, working from home can only be successful in the long term with professional task chairs.


Our magazine entitled Home Offices. Ergonomic Options – The Challenges of Working from Home offers more tips for making the “new normal” a healthier experience.


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