Inspired by Mondrian


A lot of people think financial products are too complicated. Above all, when it’s a question of finances that are as abstract as securities or trading with options on the stock exchange. The good news is that experts do all that. Hedge fund Kadensa Capital manages assets for customers from all over the world. However, various factors decide which broker or advisor you trust your money with. But one thing’s for sure, a first impression that suggests a business is reputable can be helpful in attracting customers and this includes a brand’s visual identity too.


Which is why Kadensa Capital joined forces with interior designers at MYN Studio to come up with offices in Hong Kong that expressed the company’s values in clear lines and with a personal touch. And it all started with the logo, which consists of thin strands of metal in parallel with one another and forming a stylish K. MYN Studio associates it with elegance, confidence, intellect, clarity and style.

High-quality material and details - the Graph task chair and conference table integrate fluidly with the designers’ concept. Images: @Myn Studio Limited

The design of the clear lines continues in the rest of the interior. The walls, floors and ceilings – and indeed all areas – are like segmented elements and coordinate appealingly with one another. The different materials and textures of the wood, glass and plasterwork generate deliberate contrasts and lend the rooms their dynamic character. The conference rooms in the front office have floor-to-ceiling partitions, which don’t just ensure maximum transparency but also suggest that focus and clarity prevail here. These are two key aspects when making rational decisions about such an emotional topic as money.


Segmented spaces, clear lines and consistent design does, of course, require seating to match as well. The Graph task chair and the corresponding conference table (design: jehs + laub) are a perfect fit with the concept. They give the conference rooms a natural elegance and no compromises are made where the feel-good factor is concerned either. The conference chair boasts exceptional comfort, fluid transition points and beautifully smooth haptics. The conference table has a classy base frame, symmetrically tapered table edges and rounded table corners. As a result, the ensemble looks seamless. In other words, this is the ideal backdrop to focus on taking the right decisions as a team.

As a contemplative composition in red, blue and yellow, the employees’ recreational space is a reminder of Piet Mondrian’s work. Images: @Myn Studio Limited

The style of the back office is completely different. A financial advisor has to convey integrity and professionalism but needs to be able to relax and take a break too. After all, working days are often long, particularly in this industry, and breaks are short. To produce a laid-back and playful atmosphere, the interior designers pulled off something of a tour de force. To reflect the tone of the front office, an unpretentious design approach along the lines of Piet Mondrian encourages relaxation and inspiration. The designers played with colour and form to ensure that even people with high-octane levels of concentration don’t lose touch with reality. The furniture echoes the approach and lends the omnipresent linearity of the interior a cautious hint of softness.

In addition to the quality of the design, materiality and colours were very important to us. Because it’s the details that make the difference in this project. It doesn’t necessarily go without saying that our wishes are heard, understood and, above all, fulfilled. That’s something that I very much appreciate about Wilkhahn. Because not all high-end brands are prepared or able to make customised changes.”

– My Tien Nguyen, director at MYN Studio

Further information

Everything about the Graph conference chair and the Graph conference table.


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