Upgrade for Insit


The Insit range, designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger for Wilkhahn, is an exceptionally versatile, modular bench system. The furniture can stand alone, or be linked to form sectional seating and configured to encourage interaction, or to offer more privacy. Its seating height, ergonomically firm upholstery and superior quality are married with a very distinctive design and soft silhouette.


The Insit Screen modules provide acoustic and visual privacy for any Insit bench, while maintaining the range’s stylishly lightweight look. Insit with Insit Screen, design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, images: Wilkhahn

A visual and acoustic upgrade

The range offers extra visual and acoustic privacy thanks to the new, configurable Insit Screen panels that are slotted onto the benches. The modular set of screens range from simple rear panels to L-shaped combinations with side panels to U-shaped or C-shaped versions that transform benches facing each other into compartment-like spaces.


The Insit Screens can be pulled off in no time to adapt to whatever challenges the future brings. A C-shaped configuration of two benches facing one another can be pulled apart again in an instant and turned into a U-shaped stand-alone bench. Insit with Insit Screen, design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, photo: Wilkhahn

From a workspace sofa to modular, more private pods

The modular panels make Insit an adaptable, design-led tool that flexibly responds to alternating requirements at a moment’s notice. They help partition rooms, divide sectional seating into different segments, provide spaces for deep work, or offer acoustic privacy for video chats. As a result, they can handle any challenges the future might bring.

Modular Insit Screens spontaneously provide multiple privacy options, ranging from a screened-off stand-alone bench to linked sectional seating that divides a space up into different areas. Insit with Insit Screen, design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, images: Wilkhahn

Distinctive design

The Screens’ edges are all tapered to produce a very slim contour and allow form-fit connection of the rear and side panels. This generates a softly rounded look to the outside and a curved miter-like joint on the inside. The striking double stitching on the fabric covers underscores the high-quality, precise craftsmanship. The panel combinations are just as diverse as the design options. In addition to the fabric covers from the Wilkhahn collection, which are also encountered on the benches’ upholstery, the Screens come in Hush Stripe 40 in a choice of 11 colors. The vertical ribs, spaced 4 cm apart, also give the Screens a stylish, quilted look.

The front and back of the replaceable covers feature double saddle stitching. When a bench, rear- and side-panel are combined, a corner writing ledge can be slotted onto the angle profiles on the Screen clip. Insit with Insit Screen, design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, photo: Wilkhahn

A sound-absorbent, easy-to-use solution

The slot-on Screens have a solid pine frame, which is fully upholstered with cut foam and covered. An inlay of perforated hardboard absorbs sound. The rectangular brackets are made of steel profiles that are screwed to the bottom of the benches’ seat frame. Consequently, there’s plenty of leg room and it’s easy to clean the floor. What’s more, this makes the modules easy to attach, remove and recombine, if spaces need to be reconfigured, or more face-to-face teamwork is required.


Diverse design options

Corner tables and shelves, which are also easy to slot on, are offered as accessories to the rear- and side-panels. Special inline connectors also allow linkage of several bank modules, even with Screens attached. Additional side-, connecting- and corner-tables round out the range.


Further information

Like more information about Wilkhahn’s upholstered Insit range? Then you can download the digital brochure here. (PDF, 6 MB)


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