Six solutions for hybrid workplaces


Whether at home or in the office, nobody sitting at a computer moves about nearly enough. In home offices the situation’s particularly critical. When in our own four walls, we have no motivation to move about frequently. At home or in the office, we spend hours sitting down. With the right furniture, office workers can be efficient and stay healthy at the same time. And a good place to start is with dynamic seating, such as the 3D-dynamic ON office chair, whose award-winning design is impressive in offices or homes.

The attractive ON office chair encourages better and healthier three-dimensional dynamic sitting.

Inspiration for hybrid workplaces

The pandemic has accelerated what digitalization had long made possible. With good Internet access, office workers can function almost anywhere. But that’s only one side of the coin. Because ergonomics is often neglected at home or elsewhere, however good our Wi-Fi might be. But demands on office furnishings have also grown to reflect all the competing options people have in terms of where they work. Office design needs to meet the requirements of a blended workforce. Which is why we’re taking this opportunity to highlight how Wilkhahn’s furnishing solutions meet these challenges:

Insit with Insit Screen

A workspace sofa with added privacy: Our Insit sofas, tables and screens (design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger) help create chilled-looking pop-up spaces in open-plan settings. The tables and screens also optionally come with monitor mounts for video conferences and presentations. This solution effectively carves off a part of the room to offer visual and acoustic privacy. It’s ideal for deep work, hybrid meetings or whenever people need to take a breather.


Even in seemingly confined areas like aisles, cross-over spaces or stairwells, the sound-absorbent Landing wall tile (design: RSW) has that feel-good factor. An upholstered tile and an equally large, three-dimensional projecting tile can be mixed and matched to suit preferences. Depending on how it’s positioned, the projecting tile can be used for perching or leaning on, as shelving or a screen for more privacy. Landing creates alcove-like spaces for spontaneous chats, making the office indispensable, even in an age of hybrid work.


Whether it’s a conference, workshop, talk or project meeting, Timetable, designed by Andreas Störiko, ensures maximum flexibility. Thank to foot sections that turn in, the mobile table range can be used in all sorts of different settings. As a temporary workspace or conference table, Timetable encourages flexible use of hybrid working environments.


Wilkhahn also delivers inspiring solutions for a touch more professionalism in home offices. Its Yonda shell-structure chair range (by neunzig°design) comes with lots of design options and blends in seamlessly with a range of environments in work-from-home spaces, cafeterias and conference rooms. At the same time, Yonda is just as comfortable as it is sustainable. During its development, the emphasis was on ensuring it was durable and could be repaired. Sustainable materials, made for a circular economy, were also top priority.


The Occo chair and table range (design: jehs+laub) combines diverse atmospheres in meeting and conference spaces with a clear, distinctive design language. The Occo bar stool’s ergonomic seat shell provides support in a range of ways. It’s an adaptable, space-saving all-rounder for hybrid workspaces.



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