Endurance tests passed – Wilkhahn ON and IN office chairs with Trimension® now for 24-hour use

08.09.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany

Leading experts agree that the patented Trimension® kinematics, used for the first time in the ON office chair, is the new, global benchmark in healthy dynamic sitting. The design principle mirrors nature (two socket joints at hip height and two sliding joints in the hollows of the knees which are articulated by two swing plates that move independently of one another). It combines dynamic sitting with a feeling of assurance and comfort because the body always maintains its centre of gravity. The tiniest of shifts in weight are sufficient to trigger natural, three-dimensional movements and changes in posture. A scientific field study, conducted by the Centre for Health at the German Sport University Cologne, had already indicated back in 2011 that this diverse range of movement is actually used and leads to significantly enhanced powers of concentration.

The significant benefit provided by Trimension® stimulates joints and muscles, prevents fatigue and increases powers of concentration. IN range, design: wiege
Models similar to the range standard for 24-hour use

Führende Experten sind sich einig: Die erstmalig beim Bürostuhl ON und seit einem Jahr auch bei IN eingesetzte, patentierte Kinematik Trimension® gilt als neuer, weltweiter Benchmark für gesundes Bewegungssitzen. Das der Natur abgeschaute Konstruktionsprinzip (zwei Kugelgelenke in Hüfthöhe und zwei Schubgelenke an den Kniekehlen, die durch unabhängig voneinander bewegliche Schwenkarme geführt werden) verbindet hohe Sitzdynamik mit Sicherheits- und Komfortempfinden, weil der Körper immer im Gleichgewicht bleibt. Bereits kleinste Gewichtsverlagerungen reichen aus, um natürliche, dreidimensionale Bewegungen und Haltungswechsel auszulösen. Eine wissenschaftliche Feldstudie des Zentrums für Gesundheit an der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln hatte bereits in 2011 gezeigt, dass diese Bewegungsvielfalt tatsächlich genutzt wird und zu einer deutlich verbesserten Konzentrationsleistung führt.

IN’s Trimension® encourages forwards, backwards, sideways and rotational movement, fostering natural three-dimensional sitting.
Quality guaranteed

So it was logical to offer this new type of movement to control rooms and monitoring centres where people are required to be highly alert and concentrated. Wilkhahn’s product development team wanted to fulfil the test criteria for workspaces occupied around the clock so that the models were as close to the range standard as possible. The goal was to retain the aesthetic quality of the multi-award-winning office chair ranges and to keep the extra costs affordable at the same time.

• The special ON models all come with aluminium star bases, extra swing plate supports, modified synchro-adjustment mechanisms and exceptionally hard-wearing covers from the Wilkhahn fabric and leather collection. Designed for people weighing up to 120kg, the models consequently comply with DIN EN 1355 requirements for 24-hour use.

• As a standard, the basis for the 24-hour model in the IN range is already designed for people weighing up to 140kg. With aluminium star bases, extra swing plate supports and hard-wearing covers, the special model has even successfully passed the British Standard with uninterrupted test cycles (seven days a week, 24 hours a day) for users weighing up to 150kg.

The 24-hour models in the ON and IN ranges can be ordered and are available as of immediate effect.

The excellent test results underscore Wilkhahn’s superior quality which is also achieved in the office chairs with Trimension®. Therefore, Wilkhahn is now offering an in-depth five-year guarantee for the whole product range which applies from the moment the item is delivered.


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