An instant, compact-to-stow home office


It’s not just major players like Siemens or BMW that want to offer temporary, remote working as a permanent option. Case studies show that 56% of employees in Germany want to work remotely, at least some of the time, in the post-corona era. However, because conditions for working from home vary greatly, viable concepts are called for to allow people to work professionally and efficiently there too. Which is why Wilkhahn has developed an innovative, practical and effective workspace solution. Its Fold-up Workspace turns tables in kitchens, dining rooms or on patios into screened-off workspaces in no time. Once the working day is over, it can be stowed in a garment bag and picked up and taken away again.

The Fold-up Workspace, design: Wilkhahn, can be fitted with standard accessories for video conferences. Photo: Wilkhahn

This ingenious, on-table solution indicates to others that the person using it is working and needs to focus. It offers privacy, protection from glare and can be personalised. Once set up, the Fold-up Workspace shows users and others that the table is now a place where someone needs to work. As a privacy screen, it makes it easier for people to focus on the task at hand and stops others from seeing confidential information on computer screens from the sides. The panel at the top also stops glare on the monitor so that even working on patios or in gardens is possible. The self-supporting acoustic fleece cuts down on noise from phone calls and video conferences. The material is pinnable so that notes and favorite photos can be attached.

The Fold-up Workspace Smart (left) and the Fold-up Workspace Comfort (right), design: Wilkhahn.

This instant office isn’t just exceptionally flexible in terms of its destinations. The adapter can be plugged into the rear panel via the cable outlet. Standard clip-on lights and laptop holders can also be fitted to ensure the light and camera height are correct during video conferences. And what’s more, people who want to stand up while working, can tilt the Smart model forwards by 90° and use it as a desktop that can take weights of up to three kilos. The large Comfort model also provides lots of space next to the laptop for documents. The models are easy to transport in the bags supplied and simple to hang up with a hanger (not included) in a cupboard, on a coat rack or in a car.


The Fold-up Workspace comes in two sizes, Smart and Comfort and is available from Wilkhahn dealers.

The small Smart model can be tilted forwards by 90° and used as a desktop, so that people can work while standing now and again.

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