What does a hybrid workplace look like?

Office work’s possible anytime and anywhere. Here at Hanover’s innovative Hafven co-working space for instance. Wilkhahn’s classic FS-Line office chair ensures people sit comfortably. Photo: Wilkhahn

Over the past two years, it’s become more apparent than ever that people can work in offices, co-working spaces or at home. With smart devices and good internet access office work is possible in all sorts of places. How are these new approaches changing office work? But what does that mean for office design?

Frederik Bellermann, interior designer and strategic manager at Wilkhahn, provided interesting answers to these questions during a live event held by the Flexible Office Network at Hanover’s Hafven. The focus was on how room structures and hybrid ways of working are interlinked. The Human-Centered Workplace concept is a practical guide to designing demand-driven office environments where people like to be and are productive in tomorrow’s world too.

Interesting ideas are presented during a live event at the Hafven co-working space. Photo: Wilkhahn

Hanover’s Hafven is a good example of what the future of hybrid working could look like. People, knowledge, and technology meet in co-working and maker spaces. The Institute for Labor Research and Organizational Consulting (iafob Germany) is a consultancy whose Flexible Office Network promotes an integrated design of office environments that’s based on scientific findings. To provide a source of inspiration, iafob Germany initiated the Flexible Office Network’s live event at Hanover’s Hafven.



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Further information

The interactive brochure provides a more in-depth look at the Human-Centered Workplace approach.

Click here for more info on the live event at Hafven (German only).

You can find out more about the Institute for Labor Research and Organizational Consulting (iafob Germany) here (German only).

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