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Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is a global spirits company. Since 2021, it’s been based in one of the tallest office complexes in the Baltics, Zunda Towers in Riga, Latvia. Located in the city center, the impressive high-rise with 30 floors consists of two towers. This is where a cosmopolitan 21st century metropolis meets an 800-year-old city that’s steeped in tradition. The ABG’s new office premises are on the seventh floor of the high-rise and offer a spectacular view of the old town and harbor. Wilkhahn’s high-quality furniture underscores the stylish look of the new office premises.

A conference room with a spectacular view and furnished with the Graph conference chair, which is impressive for its uncompromising quality and stylish aesthetic.

Zunda Towers were completed in Latvia in 2015. They offer floorspace of 90,000 square meters and accommodate apartments, offices and spaces for cultural events. Alongside Riga-based architects NRJA Tadao & Lukševics, famous German-American architect Helmut Jahn, who passed last year, was involved in constructing the two towers.

The Amber Beverage Group employs around 2,000 people in almost 20 companies in the Baltic states, Austria, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. ABG produces, markets, exports and sells a wide range of beverages, which are found in millions of households and venues across the globe.


Nordic-inspired interior design

The contemporary look of the exclusive fixtures and fittings in the new office premises emphasizes the dynamic nature of a global company without concealing the 100-year-old tradition. Respect for the environment lay at the core of the interior design, which is why the interior designers drew inspiration from nature in the Nordic region. The color palette includes shades of Icelandic moss, oak bark and Baltic gemstone – amber.

The interior design marries stylish design with practicality. As a result, the premises offer three meeting rooms for large and small teams, multiple open-plan workspaces and a spacious lobby, which also doubles as a bar for events or informal meet-ups. In addition to the comfortable and function-rich workspaces, there are also separate, quiet seating areas where people can make calls or come up with creative ideas in peace.

When asked what she thought of the new premises, the CEO of the Amber Beverage Group, Jekaterina Stuģe, said she thought the atmosphere in the new office spaces was very invigorating. “We believe that working in the new environment will be a motivating experience and that’s what we need to achieve sustainable success.”

The comfortable Graph conference chair is also used in this conference room – shown here with a timeless, black leather cover.

Clean lines and superior comfort

The Graph conference chair by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub blends in perfectly with the design of the new office premises and is immediately impressive for its slender shape and clean, modern design. The base frame, armrests and seat look seamless. Graph’s enclosed shape of the seat and backrest is disrupted by the space at the back and the armrests, which lend the chair an airy appearance. In conjunction with the organic seat shell, high-quality upholstery ensures outstanding comfort. A traditional bright-chrome-plated model with a leather cover was chosen for the ABG. The Graph conference table  to match the chair is also impressive for its premium, high-end quality. Due to its seminal design, curved legs and dark wood veneer, the table suggests weightless elegance.

Thanks to its three-dimensional range of motion, the ON chair promises agility and well-being, however long meetings last. The materials and craftsmanship also meet the most discerning of demands.

Wilkhahn’s ON chairs with management grade upholstery are used in another conference space. Due to its attractive design and patented, three-dimensional Trimension® kinematics, ON combines a prestigious look with state-of-the-art sitting ergonomics. Three-dimensional sitting allows fluid movements in any direction, stimulation of the muscles and joints and prevents backache. ABG employees, who were involved in designing the new spaces, are bound to enjoy being here – which can only be good for inspiration and creativity.

When designing the new premises, we believed it was vital to involve our employees in the development of the concept. However, an ergonomic, comfortable and aesthetic working environment, as well as suitable lighting, acoustics and ventilation, took center stage.

Jekaterina Stuģe, CEO of Amber Beverage Group

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