Curating quality home workspaces with Aline


You’d be forgiven for thinking that all tables are the same. But they’re not. Because using a desk in your own four walls is only a solution in spaces dedicated to remote working and can look out of place otherwise.

The new Aline model is designed specifically for homes and so much more than just a desk. All in white, the table is a superbly attractive, design-led option for all sorts of settings in homes. Aline table range, design: Andreas Störiko, photo: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn went down the opposite route in the quest for a table that blended in well at home and met the requirements of a desk too. In a nutshell, we wanted a piece of furniture that, depending on the size of the room and the occasion, could double as a desk or dining table, as a sideboard or extra table for a large group of guests, but whose stylish and neutral design made it ideal for a range of settings.

The new Aline model’s compact size takes up little space, but offers enough room to work or eat at. Consequently, it’s handy that AT, an equally stylish and professional office chair, is also available in white. This is a case of superbly designed, exceptionally healthy seating. Aline table range, design: Andreas Störiko, with AT Mesh office chair, design: Wilkhahn, photo: Wilkhahn

The answer was the Aline table, designed by Andreas Störiko, who was also responsible for the now-classic, legendary Confair folding table. Which is why we’ve come up with a new Aline table model that’s perfect for multipurpose use at home. The table top size of 150 cm x 75 cm is ideal and big enough as a desk and dining table for four, but small enough to fit into small spaces. With its frame of set-back slender columns, organically shaped aluminium foot sections and stable centre underframe, there’s plenty of leg room on all four sides. Therefore, it’s easy to grab hold of and move if required. To help make it simple to pick up, the new model’s core table top panels are made of composite wood and coated in white, just like the rest of the table frame. The colour lends it a fresh yet unobtrusive appearance.

The AT office chair also comes in white so that both table and chair are an attractive pair that also cuts a dash at home.

Stylish, neutral and with plenty of leg room on all sides, the Aline table model for homes stands apart for its versatility and a design language that matches any setting. Aline table range, design: Andreas Störiko, photo: Wilkhahn

You can find more information about Aline tables for hybrid rooms here.


You can read more about matching Aline chairs for the table range here.

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