The new Wilkhahn catalogue - The power of excellent design

Wilkhahn office furniture catalogue

For decades Wilkhahn has firmly believed that high-quality design helps attract new staff, keep employees healthy, as well as encourage creativity, efficiency and loyalty. Wilkhahn’s new catalogue, entitled “Office environments”, illustrates how to achieve this objective. 

Brochure Conference: Dynamic tables

Flexibility, innovation, versatility: achieving or facilitating these is a major challenge that can only be successfully met through teamwork. Active participation in changing layouts and methods and putting good organisational skills into practice are key factors. Which is why Wilkhahn invented dynamic tables with flexible settings in mind with a view to enabling people to set up their own flexible configurations. 

Are you still sitting still? Then it’s time to switch to ON®

Because it’s the world’s first office chair with Trimension® technology – encouraging natural posture and enabling three-dimensional movement. It’s good for body, soul and mind. What’s more, it’s recommended by leading health experts and has received many prestigious design awards. Three-dimensional movement. While seated