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02/05/2016 |

IN task chair receives iF Design Award 2016

IN has already shown what a dynamic mover it is in offices worldwide. And now the youngest member of the Wilkhahn office-chair family is walking away with more and more design accolades. The chair design has now also won over the judges of the “IF Design Award 2016".



01/29/2016 |

Ceno conference chair is now also with higher backrest available

Our Ceno conference chair is one of the quiet stars of the Wilkhahn portfolio. Created by designers Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel for Wilkhahn, it was presented for the first time in 2008.



01/27/2016 |

New executive chair model join Graph conference family

The Graph range, designed by jehs + laub, has fast become a bestseller in the segment of well designed, premium conference furniture. Since early 2016 Wilkhahn’s portfolio has included new chair models. Five-star bases and precision-adjustable seating heights make them ideal for executive offices.



01/27/2016 |

New table formats for Graph conference table

The Graph range, designed by jehs + laub, has fast become a bestseller in the segment of well designed, premium conference furniture. The range of Graph table systems has also been increased. The four new, 230-cm-deep formats provide space for 16, 18, 20 and 22 people.



11/26/2015 |

Photography exhibition - Andreas Gursky photographs four German chancellors sitting on FS office chairs

Pictures by Andreas Gursky provide food for thought. The renowned photographer created an unusual portrait of Chancellor Angela Merkel and three of her predecessors. They are viewed from the back while gazing at a big, red painting. Did this really take place? In his portrait, Gursky attached importance to the tiniest of details, including the right chair. The chancellors’ chairs are the FS 220 from Wilkhahn. The series of photos can currently be viewed in a major exhibition of the artist’s work in Baden-Baden.




11/26/2015 |

“Homeland” TV series - Cameo role for conference chair Graph

In the fifth season of the prizewinning TV series “Homeland”, CIA agent Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) takes up the fight against terrorism again – this time in Berlin. And Wilkhahn’s Graph has a small, but important cameo role. It's used as a sophisticated executive chair. In stylish black leather, the Graph conference chair is the ideal seat for Mathison’s new workspace and the high-power atmosphere where major decisions on world politics are taken. This is a home run for the conference chair Graph which as already been in front of the camera several times already.



11/26/2015 |

Reference – mining company in Perth

In the sparsely populated west of Australia, mining is the most important pillar of the economy. The headquarters of a newly founded mining company are based in Perth, the biggest city in the region. The office is situated in one of the most striking high-rise buildings. It doesn’t just command exceptional views of the city, but also boasts exceptional interior design. The design of the rooms fosters communication and teamwork. Wilkhahn seats, conference chairs, upholstered furniture and tables play a key role in the process.



11/26/2015 |

Design Talk with Matthew Lai

This week meet Matthew Lai, founder and current design director at Studio XMSL.



11/24/2015 |

German Design Award 2016 // Two tributes to Wilkhahn

The German Design Award, presented by the German Design Council, is considered one of the leading design accolades worldwide. And Wilkhahn’s name came up in this year’s competition twice. Our IN office chair and website were each given a “Special mention”. This is the judges’ way of paying tribute to products and services which offer particularly interesting solutions and are daringly innovative. Our IN chair was therefore able to repeat its success story where awards are concerned and mirror the excellent results that ON has achieved.



11/05/2015 |

Loft offices – for less deskbound workflows and more engagement

High ceilings, open-plan layouts and light-flooded rooms have transformed previously practical but dull inner-city workspaces. This change has caused a real boom in loft architecture in international cities. But even in smaller and medium-sized towns conversions of old factory facilities into offices or residential units are also popular. A company called Wortmann from Detmold in Germany has shown that even a virtually windowless warehouse, never designed to accommodate people, can be remodelled to become a light-filled office. Wortmann is a footwear company, known for brands like "Tamaris". Architect Andre Rohde was appointed to convert one of Wortmann’s outdated warehouses into a state-of-the-art office with a showroom. The crisply designed, versatile setting meets all the requirements of modern office spaces. The castors on Wilkhahn’s “IN”, “Stand-up” and “Stitz” chairs are also perfect matches