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09/15/2016 |

Product news: Stand-up now rounder and more colourful

Rounder and more colourful: Wilkhahn’s dynamic Stand-up with new features.



09/12/2016 |

New work, American style: 19 tips for healthier working environments

We can’t say for certain whether the 19 “crazy easy ways” you can be healthier in the office really all work. But the tips from The Muse, the US recruitment agency, are definitely worth a read – particularly since some of them could have stemmed from Wilkhahn’s Office for Motion concept…




09/06/2016 |

The References 01 magazine

The References 01 magazine signals the start of a new series of Wilkhahn literature. It features plenty of pictures and brief texts illustrating how partners and customers use Wilkhahn ranges in order to create superbly designed, long-lasting and productive working environments – from Oxford to London, Munich and Hanover to Perth in Australia, from auditoriums and traditional conference rooms to company canteens and seminar rooms to group offices and co-working spaces. Why not browse through it as a source of inspiration? Watch this space...



09/05/2016 |

Orgatec 2016 (25 to 29 Oct.)

From 25 to 29 October 2016 you can look forward to the responses provided on the Wilkhahn stand at the world’s premier trade show that deals with organisation, design and furniture in office environments. Come and see for yourselves the world’s most important innovations for turning offices into motion- and interaction-driven spaces.

Orgatec 2016, Cologne, hall 6.1, stand B88/ C89

PS: On the Wilkhahn stand on 25 October at 2 p.m. five designers will be on hand to answer questions on five new products that encourage physical activity, concentration and teamwork, individuality and a sense of community.


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08/23/2016 |

5th German Chair Builder Day – a showcase of chair production regions

From a regal throne to an everyday object is how you could briefly sum up the cultural history of the chair. It wasn’t until the industrialisation of chair production in the middle of the 19th century that sitting on chairs became possible for everybody. Across Germany, regional hubs for chair factories sprang up and experienced something of a boom thanks to vast supplies of timber. Some of these areas included Deister-Sünteltal in Lower Saxony, where Wilkhahn is still based today, as well as Rabenau in Saxony, where the 5th German Chair Builder Day will take place on 10 and 11 September.



08/11/2016 |

Endurance tests passed – Wilkhahn ON and IN office chairs with Trimension® now for 24-hour use

Seating that’s used around the clock in shifts places especially high demands on people and materials. Particularly in control rooms and monitoring centres, staff need to be extremely alert and totally focused at all times. This requires extremely hard-wearing office chairs that enable as diverse and frequent a range of movement as possible to prevent fatigue and to guarantee concentration. This is exactly the reason why Wilkhahn developed ON and IN models that allow users to reap the benefits to health provided by Trimension® 3D-kinematics around the clock.



08/11/2016 |

The making-of Wilkhahn’s new film

Wilkhahn designs office and conference furniture to add more movement to workspaces. And it’s hard to think of any other manufacturer that does so to the same degree. It goes without saying that a lot of smart people work on the development and realisation of these solutions each and every day. But the complexity and multifaceted nature of the process is hard to express in words. Which is why Wilkhahn has created a new film with an intriguing look behind the scenes. Snapshots of the recently completed shoot provide a sneak preview.



07/13/2016 |

Timetable / Timetable Smart conference table – tapping into new applications

Today everyone’s talking about agile companies, change management, flexible organisation and smart working. With ingenious functionality and first-class design that’s exactly what the Timetable conference table family does like no other range. And what’s more, Timetable’s ideal for new settings. Examples include multipurpose council conference areas with round table systems which can be cleared away in no time, allowing the space to be reused for other options. We’ve added further sizes and shapes to the already wide product range to make it as versatile as possible for you. And we’ve provided all the OFML data with the useful meta planning tool. If you have any questions or require any more detailed information please contact us.



07/07/2016 |

Encouraging movement and interaction in office 4.0

Office 4.0 is all about two core issues. Firstly, how do we keep employees consistently healthy and productive? And secondly, what key role do offices play when people can work at any time and from anywhere?



07/05/2016 |

Living, health and high-tech – Wilkhahn covers on-trend issues at the bigger NeoCon 2016

This year’s 47th NeoCon in Chicago shut its doors on 15 June with a big boost to visitor numbers. In the run-up to the fair, owner Vornado Real Estate had spent $40 million in expanding the Merchandise Mart which was built in 1930. It refurbished the grand staircase and modernised the market space, significantly adding to the attractiveness of the building. Before the fair had even started, six percent more registrations were received than in the previous year. From 13 to 15 June 2016 around 53,000 visitors came to the fair.