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05/06/2015 |

Teaching seating to walk

By nature our bodies are designed primarily for walking. To keep us fit, our joints, muscles and metabolism need our hips to move frequently and to employ as varied a range of motion as possible. Because our hips are our bodies’ powerhouses. Which is why over ten years ago Wilkhahn decided to teach seating to walk. It used three-dimensional kinematics to stimulate natural movement and ensure our bodies maintain their centre of gravity – whatever the posture. Trimension was developed in close collaboration with the Centre for Health at the German Sport University Cologne and has now been adapted for IN.



05/06/2015 |

Special designreport on IN

Up close and personal, 3D office chair IN graces the cover of the special edition of designreport magazine which will accompany the June issue. The swivel arms on the accentuated Trimension joints connect the seat and backrest. These are one of the characteristic features that define the look of IN. designreport, a publication by the renowned German Design Council, devotes this special to all facets of Wilkhahn’s new product. The magazine includes articles on how the new 3D chair evolved, the technological highlights that are causing a stir throughout all industries and how an office-chair expert put it through its paces. The magazine also gives an insight into the movement trend which Wilkhahn is responding to in all sorts of ways, not just with IN.



04/20/2015 |

New exhibitions

There’s a good reason why Eimbeckhausen’s coat of arms includes a chair. The heart of the chair industry emerged here to the south west of Hanover in the 19th century. In 1907 when Friedrich Hahne and Christian Wilkening founded their company it was home to around 100 small and medium-sized factories. Today the company’s the only remaining local furniture manufacturer and it’s a global player to boot. Even if the company has showrooms on every continent, a visit to our headquarters is always something special and now even more worthwhile than ever. Because soon Wilkhahn will be opening two new exhibitions in Eimbeckhausen.



04/20/2015 |

Wilkhahn opens a new showroom in London

Wilkhahn has been in the United Kingdom for 25 years. Now the company has a new showroom in the London district of Clerkenwell which is known as a creative area with lots of designers and artists. The showroom will open during Clerkenwell Design Week from 19 to 21 May.



04/16/2015 |

An outdoor version of Chassis

In terms of weather, April’s an unpredictable month. But there’s no doubt about it, warmer weather is fast approaching. A stylish piece of furniture for the outdoor season is Wilkhahn’s multipurpose chair Chassis, now also available in a weatherproof design. The outdoor version of the classic chair can cope with sun, wind and rain and is therefore ideal seating for eating al fresco or patios at home.



04/13/2015 |

The new Wilkhahn catalogue

In our knowledge-driven age, more than ever people are a company’s most important resource. So office-space design needs to be people-centred and offer environments that foster productivity. For decades Wilkhahn has firmly believed that high-quality design helps attract new staff, keep employees healthy, as well as encourage creativity, efficiency and loyalty. Wilkhahn’s new catalogue, entitled “Office environments”, illustrates how to achieve this objective. In addition to classic pieces of furniture and other ranges with excellent track records, it also presents an exciting and innovative new product.




04/02/2015 | created by Dr. Jochen Hahne and Burkhard Remmers

In memory of Frei Otto

The architect and engineer Frei Otto passed away on 9 March 2015. He was 89 years old. Daily newspapers are full of acknowledgement of his life's work, and so are trade journals. He is the first person to be posthumously awarded the Pritzker Prize, which is probably the most significant public recognition of his work, appearing to be the exclamation mark at the end of an unparalleled biography. It would not be fitting for us to add another acknowledgement to those expressed by the experts. But for us at Wilkhahn, there is so much about Frei Otto that is worth remembering. So much that is too important to simply leave it unmentioned.



02/26/2015 |

The Scandinavian design scene meets up

At the beginning of February around 40,000 visitors from all over the world met up in the Swedish capital to discover the latest trends at the Stockholm Furniture & Northern Light Fair. Stockholm Design Week with events all over Stockholm took place at the same time. Wilkhahn was one of the few German exhibitors at the trade fair and had a special surprise in store for selected visitors.



02/26/2015 |

Innovations spanning 45 years

At the end of the 1970s a study caused quite a stir in Germany. Office planning at the time concentrated on minimising stress and strain placed on employees, but this study demanded a range of varied movements at desks. This triggered Wilkhahn’s desire to develop dynamic office chairs and flexible sitting-standing hybrids which are still setting standards today. A look back over 45 years of definitive developments which have revolutionised office seating – to an innovation that Wilkhahn will soon launch.



02/25/2015 |

exito gets fighting fit and picks Wilkhahn seating

The 24th and 28th storey of the building affords a fantastic view of the whole of Nuremberg. With this inspiring panorama in the background, the team at online marketing agency exito come up with new plans and campaigns. In addition to the view, the office environment also encourages creativity in various ways. The company offers its team a number of options in order to keep fit, active and healthy at work. It has a football table and its own sports room. It also provides Wilkhahn office chairs which enable dynamic sitting and therefore effectively prevent backache and other complaints common in today’s world.