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03/13/2014 |

Graph chair in the new Spiderman film

Wilkhahn in Action

When the second part of the Amazing Spiderman trilogy opens in German cinemas on 17 April, super hero Peter Parker will have his work cut out attending high school and fighting evil. On the one hand he wants enough time for his girlfriend and family. But his super-human abilities compel him as Spiderman to protect the people of New York. Our highlight in the current Marvel film is the prize-winning Graph chair which with its distinctive, iconic form plays a cameo role.



03/13/2014 |

Neos seating for plenary session in Berlin

Wilkhahn Project News

Until recently the permanent exhibition at the New Church on Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt entitled "Wege - Irrwege - Umwege" (roughly translated as Paths, Losing Track and Detours) had mainly dealt with the history of parliamentarianism in Germany. Since the end of last year, visitors have been able to experience present-day parliamentary work up close and personal in a newly opened section. The concept and design hail from the stable of the Berlin communications agency Archimedes. The key element of the new 1.1 level is a copy of the plenary chamber in the Reichstag. Here visitors can take part in a "real" plenary session while sitting on Wilkhahn Neos chairs.



02/25/2014 |

The new Neos - Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious

For decades Wilkhahn has constantly striven to develop products that are function-rich and offer timeless design and superb durability. The goal is for a Wilkhahn product to accompany its owner lifelong and to excel both ecologically and economically. A good example is office chair Neos. This year is its tenth anniversary, but form and function are still highly contemporary. To coincide with the anniversary, the chair has undergone a careful redesign to reflect the state of the art regarding upholstery and production methods. And the upshot is even greater comfort at even lower cost. In good-old business tradition Wilkhahn's passing the savings on to its customers too.



02/25/2014 |

Designer Talk: Michael Englisch - Four questions about office chair Neos

Almost three decades ago, Wilkhahn founded design company wiege from its development department. Since then wiege has been responsible for many of Wilkhahn's products. From 1999 onwards, Michael Englisch spearheaded the development company as CEO and chief designer before switching to become head of Wilkhahn design management. Last year he was appointed head of the restructured product development department. His design, the Neos office chair, turns ten in 2014. An apt occasion to talk to him about the product.



02/25/2014 |

The new Wilkhahn catalogue's arrived - Simply the best

As announced in December, the Wilkhahn 2014 catalogue is now available. The title "Better and healthier working" says it all about the Wilkhahn collection. In the editorial, President Dr Jochen Hahne explains the reason for focusing on essential elements of office furniture. In other words, on chairs and innovative table solutions that foster healthy working practices. In his view, with their top quality, pioneering ergonomics and handling, as well as a timeless aesthetic, Wilkhahn products help enhance the well-being and performance of customers worldwide.



12/18/2013 |

Wilkhahn catalogue 2014 - Better and healthier working 2014

This is core theme of the new Wilkhahn catalogue. After all, it was Winston Churchill who is said to have put the interaction between man and a designed environment so perceptively into words commenting that "First we shape our buildings and afterwards they shape us". But architect, designer, philosopher and visionary Buckminster Fuller went a step further. He was convinced that changes in behaviour could only come about by changes to the environment. His concept was to "Reshape the environment, don't try to reshape men". So there are good reasons to make sure you have a copy of the new Wilkhahn catalogue which will be published in January.