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09/21/2015 |

Wilkhahn Asia Pacific welcomes a brand new partnership with Ophelis

Wilkhahn Asia Pacific is thrilled to announce it has recently launched a new partnership in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with Ophelis, a close friend of Wilkhahn in Germany.

This exciting partnership is a natural fit because both Wilkhahn and Ophelis deliver designs that encourage communication and collaboration, and both companies employ a similar holistic and practical approach to their award-winning ranges, producing superbly designed solutions that pro-actively foster a healthy working environment that stimulates creativity, productivity and well-being.




09/07/2015 |

Interview in Bene furniture magazine

“People are lazy by nature”

Our bodies are designed to move about, but not to sit still. Nevertheless, many people working in offices today still spend most of their time sitting still. And the wrong postures affect our health and can cause back ache or cardiovascular problems. Under the banner of a dynamic office, Wilkhahn has spent decades developing furniture that cultivates a feeling of well-being and helps people to be more productive. Burkhard Remmers, Head of International Communications at Wilkhahn, was interviewed by Bene Office Magazine. He was asked about trends in office design and to describe future developments in office environments.




09/07/2015 |

Happy anniversary to the Confair & Timetable conference tables

Win a planning manual

On your marks, get set – go! Dynamic conference tables Confair and Timetable can help conjure up settings for productive meetings, presentations, seminars and many other events in no time at all. And the two conference tables are just as quick to stow away, without taking up much space. It’s hard to believe that the foldable Confair table will be 20 this year, while the Timetable conference table, the first flip-top mobile table, will turn 15.

To celebrate these two anniversaries we’re giving away 35 copies of the “Planning Guide for Conference and Communication Environments”, a practical reference guide for all planners. The first people to request one will receive a copy free of charge.



09/07/2015 |

Brainstorming on office chair ON

In 1993, Claus Sendlinger came up with an ingenious idea to offer a customised marketing strategy entitled “Design Hotels” to a hand-picked selection of luxury hotels. Since then the platform for outstanding boutique accommodation has evolved from something that only insiders knew about to an exclusive major player. The platform now offers 280 hotels worldwide, some of which have also been founded by Sendlinger himself. The brand has constantly progressed and lost nothing of its must-have appeal. To ensure it remains the case, the portal’s own brand lab was recently set up at the company’s headquarters in Berlin. And Wilkhahn’s ON, an ergonomic office chair that fosters physical and mental agility, is an ideal piece of furniture for a think-tank of this type.



09/07/2015 |

IN launch events in Asia Pacific

After the successful launch in Europe, events to celebrate the new ergonomic office chair have now been held in Asia and Australia too. The variety of locations matched the accompanying programmes. Visitors were treated to performances by dancers and musicians and of course had the opportunity to try out the new ergonomic office chair at their leisure. A look back at some superb evenings.



09/07/2015 |

IN task chair nominated for the German Design Award

The judges of the German Design Award will announce the winners in September. One of the products nominated is Wilkhahn’s new ergonomic office chair. If successful, it would be the chair’s third major design accolade after the Red Dot Award and the “Best of NeoCon”. The story of this office chair is told in the new video “Life is movement”. It shows the fascinating development of Trimension®, from the initial idea to the construction of prototypes to the finished IN.



06/26/2015 |

Design Talk with Graeme Scannell

This week we would like to introduce Graeme Scannelle, Workplace Interiors Leader at Woods Bagot in Perth



06/24/2015 |

“Gold Award” at NeoCon 2015 – top marks for Wilkhahn’s new office chair IN at North America’s leading contract furniture show

NeoCon in Chicago seems to guarantee success for German furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn. When it premiered five years ago, office chair ON garnered the “Best of Competition” accolade. This year, office chair IN was presented for the first time and won the “Gold Award” in the “Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task” category. And in the contest between winners in over 40 categories for the “Best of Competition” title, it made the final shortlist of four. The combination of a three-dimensional, dynamic experience while sitting on the chair and its athletic look clearly impressed not just the thousands of testers all over the world, but the judges of this sought-after award too.



06/17/2015 |

40 years of Wilkhahn Netherlands

In the 1960s the Netherlands were already an important market for Wilkhahn. And by the same token a Dutch designer called Friso Kramer also played a key role in design at the company. The passion for good design, as well as the company’s growing success, paved the way for the foundation of the country’s own branch in 1975. The anniversary was recently celebrated in style in Rotterdam in the form of an exhibition about Wilkhahn’s design history and with the launch of the new office chair IN.



06/17/2015 |

iF Design exhibition - Stand-up on tour in China

Shenzhen is considered China’s boomtown. With a population of 15 million, it borders Hong Kong and boasts an impressive skyline of numerous office skyscrapers. One of the sights in this flourishing big city is the Shenzhen Industrial Museum which offers an overview of local industrial history. The museum is currently exhibiting Wilkhahn’s Stand-up as part of an exhibition of selected winners of the iF Design Award 2015.