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01/28/2015 |

Designer talk: Jehs + Laub

Graph is a winner in all disciplines. It offers trend-setting design, innovative, energising sprung comfort and high quality right down to the last detail. We asked the chair’s designers to explain what makes their creation so superb. Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub both studied at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. In 1994 they founded their own studio together. Today they are two of the most successful young generation of German designers who work worldwide for renowned customers.



01/27/2015 |

Designer talk: Klaus Franck

The Ulm University of Design (HfG) was considered one of the most influential higher education facilities for designers worldwide. Its active period between 1953 and 1968 didn’t just spawn numerous important product designs. Developed at UfG, the “Ulm model” was a design concept based on science and technology and it became a benchmark. Some 45 years after it closed, a permanent exhibition on the legendary facility recently opened in the original setting. It’s a wonderful gift to all design aficionados – and to one of the premier HfG students, Klaus Franck who’s about to turn 81 over the next few days. The interview below reveals what Klaus Franck, HfG and Wilkhahn have in common.



12/15/2014 |


The world’s growing smaller. Global production facilities, markets and the flow of goods, highly complex logistics and transportation systems are all planned, controlled and assessed from office environments. In business today, knowledge is the prime asset and responsible for that vital competitive edge. Creativity and motivation are the factors that make that crucial difference in the end. For the first time the focus is shifting towards people in offices who are pivotal to the value creation process. We’re convinced that first-class office design helps to attract and motivate high-performing individuals, to strengthen their loyalty to the company and to express how much they are appreciated. At the same time, good design can encourage happier, more team-driven, healthier and more productive people.



12/09/2014 |

Wilkhahn app update

Current catalogue for the iPad


Which designer created the Confair folding table? What colours does the FS-Line come in? How tall is Stand-up? The Wilkhahn app has all the answers to questions like these. The app is designed for the iPad and offers in-depth product information, brochures, designer portraits and up-to-date news. It’s now available in an updated version which includes the latest Wilkhahn products.



12/08/2014 |

Wilkhahn in the media

Exceptional new office environments


ORGATEC is not just a key source of inspiration for planners, clients and dealers. The industry’s bi-annual gathering is also a chance for journalists to find out about trends in the office-furniture industry. Around 100 journalists from all over the world visited the Wilkhahn stand this year in Cologne. And so we’re delighted that so many have been busy reporting on our products.



12/08/2014 |

Two prizes for Wilkhahn

Graph and Stand-up receive awards


Every year, the German Design Council presents prizes to products and projects where the standard of creativity and innovativeness are outstanding and which are pioneering on the German and international design stage. Wilkhahn has already been given awards several times by the Council and is delighted to have received two more: the German Design Award 2015 for the Graph table range and the Interior Innovation Award for Stand-up, the new dynamic piece of furniture.



12/08/2014 |

Sustainable new build

Ministry chooses Wilkhahn

In 25 years the world will be a different place. How will we be living and working by then? The responsibility of the South African Ministry for the Environment and Development is to prepare the country for the future and make careful use of existing resources. Therefore, it was particularly important for the new building to be environmentally friendly and reflect potential uses in tomorrow’s world. It fulfils very high standards in terms of sustainability and the furniture was selected based on durability and efficient use of resources. Wilkhahn’s conference tables and office chairs won through.



11/28/2014 |

FS office chair - “Over 30 years I’ve grown fond of it”

Dr Ursula Rauberger was born in 1950, is married and a mother and grandmother. She’s also a biologist and geographer. Until she retired, she was a teacher in Karlsruhe. She loved her FS office chair, bought in 1984, and asked us to give it a facelift. Until today, this classic office chair by designers Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer is still one of the world’s best office chairs. Even after decades it’s still easy to give it an overhaul. We visited Ursula and asked her what she liked so much about her favourite chair. By replacing the shell, upholstery and cover it’s now been lent a new lease of life.



10/20/2014 |

New issue of “Der WILKHAHN”

He’s one of today’s leading contemporary German photographers. His pictures like to provoke, but are also impishly good humoured. We’re talking about Daniel Josefsohn whose portfolio includes campaigns for the music channel MTV, various record covers, as well as photo stories for renowned newspapers and magazines. Josefsohn contributed an unusual series of pictures for the latest edition of the “Der Wilkhahn”.



10/20/2014 |

Stand-up -Stylish and fun

Doing your job well is a serious business and Stand-up introduces a little more light-heartedness into the proceedings. This object also makes offices more energetic places. Apart from health-driven motives, Stand-up’s all about encouraging casual meetings, group dynamics and creativity.