Upholstered furniture: Asienta by Design jehs + laub

The chair and sofa range blends a prestigious appeal with exceptional design and comfort that's second to none. Stand-alone chairs that are very compact or two- and three seater sofas and upholstered benches. It looks soft, but is firm and offers comfortable support for different seating positions. There is a choice of high-quality textiles and exclusive leather for the covers. 

Brochure Conference: Dynamic tables.

Flexibility, innovation, versatility: achieving or facilitating these is a major challenge that can only be successfully met through teamwork. Active participation in changing layouts and methods and putting good organisational skills into practice are key factors. Which is why Wilkhahn invented dynamic tables with flexible settings in mind with a view to enabling people to set up their own flexible configurations. 

Graph conference table and chair high-end conference range

Superbly designed conference seating is hard to spot. But locating matching combinations of tables and chairs is an even greater challenge. This is where the Graph conference range scores top marks. Because the distinctive, multi-awardwinning seating concept is cleverly reflected in the table systems. The result is good design and outstanding quality across the board.